Pop-R&B Review: Sam Wilder-Homebound

Release Date: October 16, 2020

Label: Spin Move Records


Sam Wilder’s recent release Homebound will raise some eyebrows in the music industry and capture many listeners. Like the saying goes “No risk, no reward.” Wilder stepped out and took a big chance to change his life’s path forever.

He decided to choose the title because he left his home in the Netherlands to go to Los Angeles to find his path in music. Like everyone else, he is missing his family during these lock down times.

As things turned out when he got to LA, he was immediately on the fast track to success taking his many talents to the studio to create radio-ready music for the masses.

Sam’s natural talents become evident in the eight tracks offered on the EP. “Overtime,” is a great tune featuring glossy pop and beats to keep you in a steady groove. And it is good, no, actually better than some of the crap out there they decided to call music. “Penelope” and “Bring It Home (feat. Livy Lee)” also shines the light on this progressing talent.

Everything about Homebound says “Play me” and for good reason. The music is keeping right in step with what you will hear on any platform in 2020. The catchy hooks and Sam’s high vocalizations move each song right to the heart of any listener. The combination of Pop and R & B brings out all the talent this young man has to offer in all eight tracks. The only difference is that he is not on the same playlist as pop divas like Katy Perry etc. Perhaps that can all change if his music makes it to the right people in the industry. He is good enough to break it big.

I enjoy listening to artists like Sam Wilder and bringing attention to all the talent on display on Homebound. It is interesting how eight tracks are considered an EP and back in the day of The Beatles for instance, when they were pumping out 4 or 5 albums a year, it would be an entire album. Now today a full album is at least 12 tracks or more.

Regardless of these facts, Sam Wilder has made his musical statement on Homebound and it will be heard. The talent of this young man is obvious and the potential is limitless. One listen to this album proves that. The purpose and intent is clear, Sam is here to stay and he has an amazing future in front of him.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikMan.net Founder
December 13, 2020

Track List:

1. Fiending    
2. What's Wrong With Me        
3. Set You Off        
4. Overtime
5. Sunlight        
6. Without        
7. Penelope    
8. Bring It Home (feat. Livy Lee) [Explicit]

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