Instrumental Acoustic Guitar: Michelle Qureshi-within

Release Date: September 25, 2020

Label: Real Music


within is Michelle Quershi’s twelfth recording. The album encompasses 24 tracks which at first glance looks like a double album however they are shorter in the length with the longest coming in at 4:14 (# 23 “Waiting For A Friend”).

The acoustic guitar is Michelle’s specialty. The cover art indicates the color, nature, and organic placid beauty, much like the way all of these tracks are presented. She covers some ground amongst these tracks. It is filled with an excellent acoustic guitar that would relax the most nervous and unsettled individual. There is no other way to explain the effect this music can have on you.

I typically hear a lot of keyboard-based music so this was a nice step away from that. You come to appreciate acoustic guitar music more if you do not hear it as often as you like. There is nothing complex going on here, it is one woman and one guitar. That is all she needs because she reaches down deep within this music. The title is understated beneath her name on the cover in lower case. I see this at times and wonder why. My thought here is she wanted to bring more attention to her name and the image and what it projects. That is my perception and nothing else though.

Time is irrelevant because what is being offered here is aural substance and the beauty one instrument can produce if placed into the right hands. In this case, Michelle sounds as if she was born to do this because the flow of the tracks is so effortless. As with mother nature, it happens, you accept it and appreciate it or not. For this listener, there is a lot of appreciation for this kind of music. The singularity and simplicity of it are what amazes me and along those lines, then how would something like this keep my attention? Well, it does quite well thank you very much and I had no issue enjoying all of it with complete attention.

There is more to music than meets the eye. It is all-encompassing in regards to atmosphere, tones, texture, and how you perceive it all is the most important factor. It works that way for all of us who love our music. What is there not to like here? 24 tracks of gorgeously composed and played acoustic guitar music suits me just fine any time of day.

Guitar aficionados and listeners alike will all find something to enjoy on within. It does not get any easier and straightforward than that.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 26, 2020

Track List:
01. Above Us
02. With Joy
03. With Courage
04. Sweet Child
05. With Anticipation
06. With Hesitation
07. With Knowing
08. Aurora Glass
09. Content
10. Shores of Atlantis
11. Before We Go
12. With Langour
13. Afternoon in May
14.  With Resolve
15. Storyboard
16. Half This Sky
17. With Certainty    
18. Beneath    
19. With Doubt
20. At Twilight         
21. With Hope
22. With Thoughtfulness        
23. Waiting for a Friend        
24. With Tenderness

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