Featured Track: Nick Duane-That's What You Want

Nick Duane has a new single out titled "That's What You Want." 

The fuzz guitar sound throughout the rockin' track reminded me fondly of that buzzing sound on The Ventures track "2000 Pound Bee." It is one of the first things I could think of. But there was more to it than that...

I thought of Bowie being an influence in his sound and approach. I am sure there are lot of influences there but that was top of mind for me.

I really enjoyed the track so much. It is a combination of rock, alternative, and garage with a punk attitude. All the flavors that provide endless energy for listeners to stay tuned!  Just like he Nicks says in the track "Too Cool For School."

Check out the stream and video provided. 

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 

Nick Duane is an alternative-rock indie songwriter whose style has embraced a wide range of musical genres and influences. His songwriting brings to mind the classic pop-rock tracks that came out of both England and the US during the late 80s and 90s. He has played both Bass and Guitar with several New England regional acts and is a long time advocate for original music.

Nick Duane Facebook Page

Nick Duane Bandcamp Site

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