Space Rock Review: Alan Davey-Four Track Mind

Release Date: May 22, 2020

Label: 2020 Purple Pyramid Records, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.


You may not believe your eyes at how gigantic this piece of work might be, but, it won’t take long to tell you of this powerful album. Take a trip. That’s exactly how you’ll feel after listening to Four Track Mind. It’s interstellar, out-of-this-world. You might recognize this badass bassist and guitarist from his Hawkwind days. For 12 years from ’84 to ’96 and then again from 2000 to 2007, he rode high on his band’s success. In the space of that four-year hiatus, Davey took the time to mold his own career as a solo artist. During his second run of Hawkwind, his solo projects diminished. With this new solo release, it’s almost as if he had one final trick up his sleeve…that we know of.

Four Track Mind is not for the average, every-day music lover and or consumer, (even some aficionados might find some difficulty in getting through this heavy tracklist). The album lures the listener into a trance-like state. Alan Davey shows a great variance of techniques in utilizing a blend between two instruments – a bass guitar, and a synthesizer. As you play through the album, it begins to feel like a movie soundtrack from an alien domination film. The tone intensifies as tracks like “Lost in the Smoke” and “Greenback Massacre” come on, where the beginning 10 tracks and others like “Fire Tribe” are play-on beatmakers that play almost like individualized ringtones to old-fashioned cell phones.

Imagine, if you will, a hypnotical spiral where it continues to infinity. That is what much of this album represents. Four Track Mind is the kind of album you need to allow yourself to get lost in. Dedicate a day of meditation or intention to this record. The varying sounds and tones through the combination of the guitar and synths send you through an out-of-body experience like no other. But a piece of work of this magnitude also requires the discipline to go from start to finish and understand how to make essentially four separate albums cohesively flow together.

Gregg Keniston- MuzikMan.net Staff

June 30, 2020

Track Listing:

01.     Spiritual Modulator
02.    R.E.M. Time
03.    Chinese Whispers
04.    Transient
05.    Slumber Head
06.    Dragon Chaser (1986 Version)
07.    Hypno Trip
08.    In A Sphere
09.    E-On Strings
10.    Wind of Ghosts
11.    Dark Light
12.    Moody Motion
13.    Flight to Andromeda
14.    Sunrise Assassins
15.    Moonstone
16.    Dragon Chaser (1988 Version)
17.    Sword of the East
18.    A Shot in the Dark
19.    Spiritual Modulator
20.    The Call
21.    Fire Tribe
22.    Return To…
23.    Simulator
24.    Chased
25.    Dragon Chaser
26.    Drive
27.    On Acid Bass!
28.    Hitze Seeker V
29.    Of Wings
30.    Out of My Box
31.    Robby’s Rap
32.    Jigging
33.    The Noise
34.    Abab Fed
35.    Backwards Thru Water
36.    Tribal Daze
37.    Lost in the Smoke
38.    Snake Charmer
39.    Up and Up
40.    The Animal
41.    Deep Space Rock
42.    Don’t Fret
43.    From the Deep
44.    Blue Shift
45.    Osc Squared
46.     Stan’s Middle 8
47.    Astron Belt
48.    Special Place
49.    Received
50.    Fear at Night
51.    Endoparasitoid
52.    Wave Upon Wave
53.    Space to Go
54.    Greenback Massacre
55.    Shahadah
56.    Many Voices
57.    Bird Nebula
58.    Creamy
59.    Holosuite Program
60.    Assimilation
61.    Alien Fingers
62.    The Wind
63.    Be Still
64.    Magic B
65.    Lgm
66.    In the Game
67.    Reality Foil

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