Pop Review: Maisie Peters-It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral

Release Date: October 4, 2019
Labels: Atlantic Records

A little bit of background before we jump in. Maisie Peters is an English singer/songwriter who currently has 20 released songs at 19 years young. She is well known for her angelic voice and relatable lyrics. It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral is her second EP. It has a long title for anything music-related, but it’s pretty common to see things like this with an indie artist. They have the freedom to get away with more than mainstream artists do. Now, Peters is technically not an indie artist since she is signed to a label, but her label probably gives her more creative freedom because it sells well for her. The cover art is a picture from the music video of “This Is On You.” It has strong retro vibes, from the glam metallic backdrop to the old computer monitor on the desk.  

“This Is On You” is the leading single that the EP is named after. It starts with an electronic loop and an interesting set of rhythmic piano chords. It seems like the song will be another one of her emotional ballads, but it flips at the chorus. This is a reoccurring thing with most of the songs on this EP. The chorus has that early 80’s pop sound due to the layered vocals and catchy rhythm. If you’re a writer, you’ll notice that Peters uses a lot of internal rhyme, which draws the ear to the catchy chorus. “Adore You” starts with some synthetic guitar strumming. This song is upbeat and something that you can dance to. It still has some sort of retro-ness to it, but the message isn’t as strong the one in the first song.

“Take Care Of Yourself” is a softer song. The plucked guitar and piano don’t really give it the 80s feel. The rest of the songs are also missing the 80s element. This song feels rushed with all the different components. The verses, pre-chorus, and chorus are polarizing and don’t mesh well together. By the time that the brain gets used to one of the sections, it suddenly changes to another section. The vocal sampling catches my attention in “April Showers.” The verses are more spoken than sung, and Peter’s English accent gets to shine through. The lyrics are a new way of saying “I’m gonna wash you out of my hair.” There is a hip hop beat behind the chorus, which brings more of the dance element back to the song. Peters also uses clever wordplay here, talking about a girl named April, when she showers. My favorite part of the song is how she references how she is going “Jack Nicholson” crazy.

“Look At Me Now” is most like Peter’s other songs. The verses are her classic first-person imagery but then turn into a beautiful chorus. It evokes the feeling of dancing in the dark, surrounded by string lights. This is a perfect longingly-staring-out-the-window type of song. I am eagerly waiting to see what Peters will dream up for the song’s music video. The most unique song on the EP is “Personal Best.” Her breathy vocals shine in the verses on this track. The different musical sections work really well together in this song, each building on the last. She stretches out the title at the end of her chorus, effortlessly tying the notes together with her voice.

It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral is a work of art for most of the new generation. It’s no wonder that Peters is loved by thousands of adoring fans. I think the cover mostly applies to the first song. The EP isn’t cohesive with the retro theme, but it does tell a story of Peter’s Experiences. I would have liked to see a full-on 1980’s themed EP, something similar to 1989 by Taylor Swift, but Peters has expressed before that she releases songs after she writes them. This means that though we don’t get to see a fully cohesive album, we do get to hear her songs fresh from being edited. This is the beauty of being an independent musician, and clearly, she has found a way to keep true to herself, while still being a signed artist.
Lily Clark – Berklee College of Music Intern
December 31, 2019

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1. This Is On You
2. Adore You
3. Take Care Of Yourself
4. April Showers
5. Look At Me Now
6. Personal Best

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