Blues Concert Review: Vanessa Collier At The Stationery Factory

Vanessa Collier Rocks The Blues At The Stationery Factory In Dalton, Massachusetts
November 23, 2019

It was another great night at the Stationery Factory to get people warmed up for the Holiday season. Vanessa Collier performed her blues-rock, jazz, soul, and funk selections for a very appreciative audience.

In 2019, she was again nominated in two categories at the Blues Music AwardsContemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year and Instrumental - Horn for the second year in a row. On May 9, 2019, she won the Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year. To her credit and all-around talent, she is being recognized and worthy of the respect received by the blues community and her peers.

Vanessa is a fine vocalist and saxophone player and she also plays the steel guitar. Her killer band is made up of some accomplished players including Charles Hodges on keyboards, Laura Chavez on guitar, TK Jackson on drums, and Daniel McKee on bass. They produce a great sound to compliment Vanessa’s strong vocals and animated saxophone playing.

Vanessa featured many tracks from her most recent release Honey Up. She did inform the audience that she would be going back in the studio in January to start recording a new album. 

What a potential audience and fan base can expect from Vanessa is a great combination of blues-rock, jazz, soul, and funk. That is exactly what she gave us last night and man was it jam-packed with energy! Notable was her kick-ass six-string slinger Laura Chavez. She demands your attention the way she plays and accordingly coaxed many exclamations of respect from the audience during the evening. I spent a lot of my time looking back and forth between both ladies.

The songs that hit home where “The Fault Line,” a real funk-blues workout, “Sweatin’ Like A Pig, Singin’ Like An Angel” and “Love Me Like A Man.” At one point during the concert, she sat down at the front of the stage and started playing her sax then in a short period got up and came out into the audience. She just kept on jamming nonstop, to the delight of everyone there. That was the highlight of the evening and one amazing display of musical virtuosity. 

There is no doubt that Vanessa is a hardworking and entertaining individual that finds it easy to speak to her audience and enjoys telling the stories behind the song’s origins. This always makes the entire experience more meaningful. I can only speak from my perspective but judging by the reaction of those in attendance, they appreciated everything she had to offer as well. 

If you appreciate the blues in a live setting you won’t see a better show than Vanessa Collier. Her reputation is stellar in the music community and she has carved her path to success in her way as an indie artist. I have a lot of respect for individuals like her. It was nice to see her come out to the merch table a few minutes after the encore and sign her swag. I appreciated it and got a copy of her CD Honey Up.

I look forward to her recording coming out in 2020 and would not hesitate to attend another concert by this fast-rising star.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
November 24, 2019

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