Melodic Metal Review: Crimson Sun-Towards the Light

Release Date: August 3, 2015
Label: Maple Metal Records

Hailing from the northern land of Finland, Crimson Sun is a modern melodic metal band that deserves some serious attention. Formed in 2001 in the city of Kotka, the band consists of Sini Seppälä (vocals), Miikka Hujanen (keyboards), Antti Rantavuo (drums), Jukka Jauhiainen (bass), and Joni Junnila (guitars). Towards the Light is their debut album and it is a marvelous achievement that is something to behold. If you are into the harmonious and yet crushing sounds of melodic metal, then Crimson Sun is the band for you. With ten songs clocking in at just over forty minutes, Towards the Light is a relentlessly rocking ride from beginning to end. 

Towards the Light gets off to a killer start with the pulse-pounding “The Storm.” It is a deliciously good song with a smooth, hard, and crushing sound. The vocals are powerful, enticing, and all-together top notch. And the catchy chorus is quintessential melodic metal. This is the type of song that makes one fall in love with a band. Next up is “Eye of the Beholder” and it features more melodic goodness. It does not have quite as much pop as the opener, but it still works wonders with its darker tone. Once again, the vocals are hypnotically good, and the music gets nice and heavy near the end. 

“Awaken” ups the ante with its spirited and vibrant atmosphere that never slows down. It is sweeping and grand, and has an epic quality to it that I am thinking it would fit nicely in a fantasy film. The song is so infectious that you can just sit back and let the music take you away to a distant land of your dreams. “Towards the Light” is a solid song, but it does not jump out at you the way a title track should, and is overshadowed by the album’s more dynamic songs. “The Herald” spices things up with its dark and heavy opening that leads seamlessly into the vibrant melodic metal that has so dominated the album. And, of course, the vocals are stunning again. 

“Enter the Silence” is the kind of song that is hard to not listen to. It is simple captivating with its haunting atmosphere and enthralling chorus. The vocals are nothing short of fantastic. It is a contender with “The Storm” for best song on the album. This is melodic metal at its finest, and it is the type of moment on an album that has me thinking about what this band is going to do in the future. “The Spark” is a light and an uplifting song, as light melodic metal can be. It is one of those times when the keyboards really make the song, it’s not melodic metal with the keyboards, and they work quite well with the guitars during the instrumental solo. “Memories Burning” takes the tempo down a notch for peak emotional impact. It is a fantastic and moving song that leaves a lasting impression as the music fades away.

Crimson Sun’s Toward the Light is more than a solid debut. It has all the makings of the first step in a marvelous discography. I would not say that this album is a game changer that is going to turn the genre on its head, but it is still a gorgeous listen. From start to finish, it is a delight. If you are into melodic metal, then this is a must have. 

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Storm, Enter the Silence, The Spark


01. The Storm
02. Eye of the Beholder
03. Awaken
04. Towards the Light
05. The Herald
06. Portrait of a Ghost
07. Enter the Silence
08. The Spark
09. Clockwork Heart
10. Memories Burning

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff
January 17, 2016
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