Track Feature: Rodney Wilson-Healing In His Wings

Every song we hear, the notes that are played, the words that are either spoken or sung, or just the music itself, it all can tell a story to our hearts.

Rodney Wilson has a new album titled For His Good Pleasure. From what I gathered listening to the album the reference to "him" seems to be God, a Higher Power or what ever you choose it to be, your higher self if that works. All of that is interchangeable from my own perspective.

"Healing In His Wings" is the very special track that is the feature here. It brings a lot of those thoughts and feelings into focus. This is my own interpretation and as always I leave it to each individual listener's own meaning. This is an invitation to open the door to the healing powers of faith, what we all have inside.

The piano based track is a lot of things that merge into one...peacefulness, beauty, elegance, spirituality and hope are all woven into this tapestry of sound. It is instrumental bliss, a term which I have used often enough and it is most appropriate for this track.

Give it a good listen and find your own cloud in heaven through the music now.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Rodney Wilson:


Some moments in our lives can cause us to reflect and realign our priorities. Such a moment touched me in August of 2014. While flying back and forth from Atlanta to New York City every other week for work, I occasionally felt a burning tingling sensation in my arms. I had ignored it thinking I had a pinched nerve from the heavy back pack I was using. As the sensations became more frequent, I finally decided to make an appointment with my doctor while I was home.

The following Monday, my doctor agreed it was possible that a pinched nerve could cause these sensations in my arms. But to be safe I would take a stress test that same week. I was scheduled to be back in NYC the following week and then on to Hawaii for a long overdue vacation. On that Thursday, much to my surprise, the stress test put me into a whirl wind chain of events that quickly culminated into a 5 way heart bypass surgery. 

While I was shocked, I was assured that all would go well because I was strong, not over weight, ate well, exercised, did not smoke and had not suffered damage to my heart from a heart attack so I was a perfect open heart candidate. Fortunately, all went well with the surgery and my recovery process. 

As I became far more informed about my true condition in the weeks ahead, I discovered I had been a ticking time bomb. I had to accept that I had heart disease. Had I known all I know now, I would have been far more fearful going into the surgery. I began to reflect on how na├»ve I had been. Slowly I began to take in the miracle God had given me. Except for His mercy to circumvent an imminent heart attack I should not be alive today. He also surrounded me with exceptional doctors and a wonderful medical staff. One of the fruits of my reflection was the birth of this album “For His Good Pleasure”.

After my recovery, I decided that I needed to record some music as a legacy for my family and for my grandchildren. The music is about the messages I wanted to share with them. As the recording project progressed, I felt deep stirrings of inspiration flowing into new melodies, fostering a deep awareness of God’s favor and His pleasure with the music. I felt the same emotion as was scripted by Colin Welland in “Chariots of Fire” attributed to the great Olympian runner, Eric Liddell, “God made me fast. And when I run I feel His Pleasure.” At one point in the project, I suddenly understood that the compositions were far more significant than I had originally conceived. I knew why I must continue. Within the level of giftedness I was given, for as long as He blesses me with melody, I will continue to create music, “For His Good Pleasure.”

Rod Wilson

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