No Restraints-Xout Review

Artist: No Restraints
Title: Xout
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Independent
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Two years ago I was introduced to No Restraints and found myself captivated by their progressive rock sound on the 2007 release In The Left Lane. Now their follow up Xout has been officially released today.

This release is different but more intense lyrically and musically. The keyboards and vocals of Mark Smith once again lead the way with a touch of gothic and some operatic vocals provided by Christina Terry. She does a good job filling the necessary parts in tracks and it all seems to fit quite well together.

The title of the CD is bit of play on words, one look and it says X Out and the next is Xout, which actually means external output. This makes sense because the meaning can be two fold if you so choose. It is whatever you want it to be and they invite that kind of self examination and introspection with their music. I had some fun with the possibilities. I love the way this album kicks off with a track titled “She’s A Tsunami”, it is an early indicator that No Restraints is going to hold back nothing to get your attention. It comes as no surprise that is exactly the way it turns out as each successive track stands up tall and proud with fantastic piano runs and haunting vocals that are designed perfectly for a theater near you. When you hear the closing track, an instrumental called “Clovis Point”; this becomes clear as a blue sky without a single cloud to clutter the vision that you will hear if you are paying close attention.

Mark Smith is brilliant and his band mates Ron Wood (drums), Mitch Parker (bass), and Christina Terry (vocals) are equally impressive and up for the challenge of each composition.

Xout is taking a step in the right direction and clearly there has been some serious development with their music. They made some changes with members and stepped back and got back to basics so their sound is more defined and poignant than it ever was. People in prog circles really need to start paying attention to this band because they are paving their own way and making a mark with Xout.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

May 1, 2009

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1 She's A Tsunami
2 Makes You Mad
3 Who Cares?
4 Cauldera (3rd Variation)
5 I'm On My Own
6 3 Shadows
7. Clovis Point

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