Ed Maly-Guitar Jock Review

Artist: Ed Maly
Title: Guitar Jock
Genre: Blues
Label: Hot Texas Tunes
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On his seventh release Guitar Jock, Ed Maly delivers a set of scathing blues-rock songs. Maly’s guitar playing on the album is a pleasure to any blues fan, and he is aptly backed by his band to create a smart combination of toe-tapping rhythms and inspiring guitar melodies. The guitarists’ raspy vocals on tracks like “That’s Just How Much” and “Seven Deadly” tops the sound of Guitar Jock off nicely, giving the album a classic blues feel.

Maly does a great job changing out guitar and rhythm styles on Guitar Jock to bring a level of diversity to his songs that keeps each track sounding fresh. The opening track “That’s Just How Much” and the title-song “Guitar Jock” are anchored by the impressive soloing of Maly. However, he adds in a second guitar line that makes the most of wah- wah pedal, giving the tracks an undeniable funk feel.

Maly pulls this funky-blues sound off several times on Guitar Jock with a lot of success, most notably on “Cinderella” and the correctly titled “Wah Wah Eyes.”

Other songs on the LP have their roots in jazz as well as blues. The wailing key melodies of “Seven Deadly” and “Guitar Man” showcase this aspect of Maly’s sound well.

At other times, Guitar Jock uses a more traditional blues sound. The simmering guitar melodies of “If You Were A Guitar,” “Happy Blues” and “History” leave no doubt that Maly is a talented blues musician.

Fans of country music will also find something to like on the record. The twangy melodies of “Country Girl” and “Get-ter Bug” build a rockabilly vibe that country fans will find hard not to get along with.

No matter what kind of stylistic changes Ed Maly uses on Guitar Jock, he has success with all of them. The album is a unique take on the blues that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

4/5 Stars

MuzikReviews.com Assistant Senior Editor- Chris Homer

April 30, 2009

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01. That’s Just How Much
02. Guitar Jock
03. Cinderella
04. Wants Her Guitar Man
05. Seven Deadly
06. Country Girl
07. If You Were A Guitar
08. Get-ter Bug
09. Wah Wah Eyes
10. Guitar Man
11. Happy Blues
12. Demo
13. You Just Keep On
14. History
15. For A Song
16. I’m So Sorry
17. To Get You On The Dance Floor

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