Lesley Spencer-Moments Musicaux Review

Artist: Lesley Spencer
Title: Moments Musicaux
Genre: Classical-New Age-AC
Label: Gabriella Music
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Lesley Spencer is a free-lance producer, composer, and pianist with a considerable amount of recorded works. Moments Musicaux is her tenth full length album. Ms. Spencer also has contributed to the San Francisco Opera, Victory Gardens Theatre, Urban Gateways, and Radio City Recording.

Moments Musicaux is a beautiful collection of Classical, New Age, and Adult Contemporary tracks meant for easy listening and relaxation. All of these instrumental tracks would be suitable for a movie soundtrack or commercial use. The original compositions are so strong and appealing that they could be easily used for those looking for a meditative experience. Do not misinterpret that as a suggestion that this music will put you to sleep, it’s quite the contrary. The piano playing that Lesley exhibits on this recording is exemplary and full of life and positive energy, like individual time capsules of poetic exquisiteness without words played especially for you.

The fact that all the tracks are originals composed by the performing artist, scores highly with this listener. Every single track is a work of art that takes shape promptly and then easily leads you down a guided path of “Child”s Play” or “The Dance of Life.”

Right down to every detail and the perfectly named tracks, Moments Musicaux is a foray into instrumental bliss that will delight all lovers of music and those partial to instrumental songs that take elements of classical and turn them into what was classified as new age several decades ago. New Age is not new in the sense of what the music actually sounds like, it was a buzz word coined to give a an age old genre a little more appeal to an audience that it would normally not attract.

This type of collection holds many possibilities for listeners and it has the power to appeal to any age group anywhere in the world. All you have to do is open up the CD and give it a spin, no further explanation is necessary.

5/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 29, 2009

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01. Dance Of Life
02. Child's Play
03. Fellini Waltz
04. Pirouette
05. The Lost Baby
06 The Path Of My Soul
07. Ode To Harry Potter
08. Good Bye Dear Friends
09. Morning Edition
10. Scherzo
11. Little Jazz Waltz
12. Rainy Day Theme
13. Force Of Nature
14. Inventing Time
15. Waltz For Keegan
16. Raison d'Etre

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