Tony Senatore-A 12-String Bass X-Ploration

Artist: Tony Senatore
Title: A 12-String Bass X-Ploration
Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Jazz-Fusion
Label: Independent
Format: DVD
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The name Tony Senatore is not a household name when it comes to bass players. Chris Squire, Tony Levin and Jack Bruce are not mentioned in the same breath but I must say after hearing Tony’s music and watching his new DVD A 12-String Bass X-Ploration, that I am convinced; he could play right alongside those legends. Tony is a very humble man and he knows his instrument. He knows it so well that he decided to share his love and respect with his instrument by recording an instructional DVD for those that want to learn more about the bass that was born in 1978. Even if you do not play the bass, there is plenty of enjoyment on this DVD visually and aurally...READ MORE...

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