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Track Feature: Al Jewer and Andy Mitran-Transmigration

Sounds of the earth and meditation for the soul comes to mind with the music. Al Jewer and Andy Mitran and their recent release Transmigration...a journey with friends is instrumental bliss.

The feature here is the title track. And you get a good taste of their relaxing sounds that are both worldly and new age wrapped into one nice package. Flutes, sitars, drums, female vocals and more merge to form musical beauty.

Give Transmigration a listen now.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck 

More About Al and Andy's Album:

This album speaks of a journey that these very special people are taking with us. It is a journey that starts with a simple introduction that leads to a conversation and ends with the metamorphosis of that conversation into a formless beautiful piece of music that contains elements of us all. This CD has been about two years in the making and includes a rare and awesome group of collaborators and friends. They are among our most admired artists and composers and we are thrilled beyond belief to have worked with them to bring you this album.