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Stefan Elefteriu releases 'Quantum Gates' - a journey through space, time and numerous genres


The latest album from progressive odyssey Stefan Elefteriu escapes reality and lets listeners enter a world of optimism. Titled "Quantum Gates", the album features 12 tracks that soar through realms of uncertainty with reassurance. While Stefan's journey to this moment has been eventful, Stefan's no stranger to the world of music. From building his own synthesisers in Communist Romania to scoring a science fiction film, if you think it, Stefan's probably done it. An experience that showcases huge complexity, intelligence and imagination, 'Quantum Gates' is bathed in classical, rock and electronic elements. 

Stefan mentioned that the release is based on, "Twelve portals open to twelve different worlds awaiting discovery through imagination, fantasy and feelings... Go beyond the Quantum Gates and, with each re-listening, you will perceive new territories of musical expression. Let the evolution and permanent dialogue of the melodic lines - based on symphonic counterpoint - take you through a new multidimensional sound universe."

For fans of Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Jean Michael Jarre and Kraftwerk, 'Quantum Gates' is truly a special album for all prog lovers.

Album Tracks:

  1. Coming from Above

  2. Push the Beat

  3. Hold On

  4. Play of Shadows

  5. Visitor on the Timeline

  6. Flying Island

  7. Lonely Alien

  8. Blue Peaks

  9. Too High

  10. Between Two Worlds

  11. Quantum Gates

  12. The Change