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Jay Blanes releases diverse new offering 'To the Moonlight'


Born near Barcelona and now residing in London, Jay Blanes is a singer-songwriter and producer destined for greatness. Infusing indie, pop, disco and folk with his Latin roots, Jay’s diverse music style could land him in front of industry specialists. Receiving praise from VENTS, NOTION, The Yorkshire Times and Music Crowns, Jay has also gathered over 12,000 followers and 560,000 streams.

Speaking about the new release, Jay Blanes shares, “The song is about setting us free from all the overthinking and taking risks. In particular, it is about risking a friendship for something more, even if it's for a night.”

“To The Moonlight” is based around an infectious mantra-like vocal and charismatic guitar melodies. Bathed in euphoric metaphors that will leave you forgetting your worries and dusting yourself off to start again, this is a motivational number with layers of empowerment.

Jay has been performing for live audiences since age 7, in cities such as London, Paris, Los Angeles or Barcelona. In fact, his free spirit inspired him to busk on the Santa Monica Pier and in Trafalgar Square for a year, which turned out to be a masters in the art of entertainment. On the horizon is Jay Blanes’ fresh, passion-filled, sound-defining EP, to be released between 2021 and 2022. He will then start promoting it live across the UK, as a one-man show.