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JoJo Styles Renews His Love for Latin Instrumental Jazz on Two Releases

Oakland, CA-May 1, 2008- JoJo Styles got inspiration from living in the Bay Area during rock music’s most pivotal and productive times, the 60s. JoJo had the opportunity to see Hendrix, Santana, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea and other luminaries of the day at the festivals and concerts going on regularly at venues and parks. It was the most colorful and influential decade of music and anyone that was lucky enough to experience it all can attest to that fact...READ MORE...


JoJo Styles-Bossa Nuevo Vol. 1 & 2 Review

Artist: JoJo Styles
Title: Bossa Nuevo Vol. 1 & 2-Light of Love/The Offering (Cool Groove-Hot Guitar)
Genre: Instrumental-Latin-Jazz
Label: Casa Grande Records
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JoJo Styles had the benefit of developing his music while watching some of the legendary figures perform in San Francisco. He saw Hendrix and Santana and was all over the Bay Area attending the free concerts of the day. Those days are history but for the people that lived and soaked up the vibes of those times the memories are forever imprinted on their souls...READ MORE...

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