Instrumental Jazz Review: Manuel Muzzu-From T(h)ree To Four

Release Date: March 12, 2023

Label: Independent


From T(h)ree To Four is Manuel Muzzu's fourth studio album. It has been five years since I covered New Stories-Old Hands.


For those of you who may not be familiar with Manuel's story, he lost the use of his fingers on his right very early in life. His love for the bass and overcoming his disability is one of the miracles of his life. He endeavored to play as anyone else would typically and somehow adapt a style that worked for him.


You only record four albums if you can create palatable music and sound professional. For that matter, Manuel's talent is above average. Using the bass as a lead instrument is not uncommon but infrequent. With that fact in mind, it makes what he has accomplished more remarkable.


I have heard my share of the greats over the years and enjoyed the privilege of covering their music. Manuel's sense of rhythm and fluidity gives his instrument room to breathe and adjust to the music behind him. He has a host of additional musicians contributing, including synth, piano, trumpet, saxophone, flugelhorn, guitar, and drums. A complete ensemble to fill in the missing spaces to make each composition complete and allow his bass to lead the way.


What you will hear are various shades and colors of the jazz spectrum. "Punky Funky," my favorite track, is jazz-funk, while "Jeff's Style" is smooth jazz. Jumping from one style to another is impressive, and most importantly, you can keep your audience tuned in and waiting in anticipation for the next track. I like a wide range of jazz and subgenres. It holds many aspects that keep me engrossed in what I listen to. It creates a sense of wonderment about the talent you are hearing and how eclectic one genre can be. Jazz is a complex type of music that draws from many sources, including the blues. The ability to shape and mold those resources requires talent and patience to give birth to the varied tracks you will hear on this recording.


"Salsamba" is another instance of a complete change in direction to the energetic salsa and samba sound. Two different jazz styles merged, which is more challenging to create with a good flow. Manuel is exceptionally talented at diverting to any kind he desires. He does it all with a successful blend of his supporting instruments and an excellent bass command.


From T(h)ree To Four is an album that any jazz lover will appreciate because it crosses into many different styles. If you genuinely love jazz, you will understand this consummate representation of the genre. Anyone seeking exceptional instrumental jazz will find their way to this recording, not to mention those seeking a hero and an example of overcoming all the odds to do what he loved and shine brightly. Manuel Muzzu presents the miracle of a man's courage and persistence through twelve tracks you will thoroughly enjoy.


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikMan.net Founder

June 6, 2023


01. LAST ONE (6:19)

02. ON MY SIDE (4:40)

03. PUNKY FUNKY (5:09)

04. LOST IN (8:25)

05. JEFF's STYLE (4:14)

06. SALSAMBA  (5:49)

07. RIGHT NOW (6:36)

08. URBANOISES  (4:56)


10. M'I ?  (4:15)

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