Americana Review: PD Adams-This Curious Wonder

Release Date: April 7, 2022

Label: Independent


PD Adams (AKA Paul Adams) released the album, Curious Wonder. Forty years is a long stretch to put the unknown side of your music out to your admiring public. With many genres explored successfully over the years, PD still needed to prove one thing to himself, that he could release an Americana album with a good response.

From the start, I noticed that his voice reminded me of a combination of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. He is very seasoned as a musician and singer, which becomes readily apparent when “Sometimes I Feel” starts.

Besides PD Adams (Paul Adams) on guitar, harmonica, mandolin, dobro, and voice, Elizabeth Geyer provides flugelhorn and vocals that add and echo Paul’s vocals. Andy Hatfield plays some fine mandolin to give the tracks a roots bluegrass element, and Bradley Harper makes more country and blues with his steel guitar. The combination of these instruments and musicians makes for a perfect blend.

If you look at all the pictures provided by the artwork, it tells a story that connects to the tracks and their stories. This is a kind of Americana with truth and soul. You know the words sung mean something, and it relates to a real human being and his experiences. One man’s curiosity and wonderment made this music and lyrics come alive.

“Winter’s Year” is one of the most touching songs. It brings the season of winter and the Holiday some of us celebrate on the 25th of December back to life. The feeling and the grace with which it is presented will touch you. And, of course, it emphasizes the words effectively, as it does throughout this release.

“Freaks” is a protest to those who need awareness to watch out that they will “become just like them.” Those freaks of heavy burden need to release the chains that hold them down. The rhythm of the track is one of the best on the album. Regardless of the profound lyrics, it is toe-tapping and enjoyable.

I also loved the slide guitar on “Western Wind,” it is a fine country and Americana number that will stay with you long after the last note is played.

Those are a few highlights of a recording that provides great heartfelt lyrics and superb musicianship. An acoustic strumming on nearly every track lays the groundwork for all the other instruments to build upon. That constant rhythm is simplistic, but the most crucial point is how the music takes off from that point.

The other intrinsic element is PD’s vocals. The way he delivers the lyrics is so passionate and authentic. The rough edges of his style are perfect for the music and ensure a listener feels every word. Yes, this all works beautifully. You can relate to this recording if you have ever felt Curious Wonder before. And more importantly, if you enjoy the country, Americana, blues, and sing/talk style of vocals, you will be fully engaged on this album.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikMan.net Founder

April 18, 2023


01.Sometimes I Feel 04:12 

02.Man At 4th & Vine 04:51 

03.Spark 03:57 

04.You Are Not That 03:59

05.I'm Alone 04:12

06.Winters Year 04:17

07.Freaks 04:17

08.Western Wind 04:26

09.Old Faded Photo 04:26

10.Songbird 04:04

11.Somewhere In Time 04:19

12.The Picnic 02:01

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