ALIENS Go Into a DANCE FRENZY as UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP Releases a NEW SINGLE “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC“ on NOVEMBER 18, 2022 - Across the Earth Everywhere!

The tune is written by and all instruments are played by cosmic musician, UNCLE ROY aka ROY LEONARD HERMAN with the mysterious ARTIE INTELLIGENCE on drums

Europa, a Moon of Jupiter - As the holidays throughout the universe start to kick in, the moods of many worlds become filled with an enormous, high energy, party vibe! Earth is, one of those worlds! Aliens everywhere, connect from galaxy to galaxy, by those emotions through music!  And, every world loves to rock, dance and move to the groove! Therefore, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP will be releasing to the cosmos, the NEW SINGLE, “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC”!  

This tune is an uptempo, high energy, dancey, trancey, throbbing party shaker instrumental! Big, bright, energized keyboard rhythms, surrounded by slick, space funky guitar licks, that intertwine and twist together beautifully. The tight, throbbing pulse of the bass and drums, gives the tune that solid groove that makes you want to get up and have a good time! From the beginning till the end of the tune, you get the feeling of velocity and momentum. “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC” is a fun, very lively and spirited song that would fit sweetly into anyone’s holiday playlist and beyond, no matter what planet you’re on!

“A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC” is the second single to go live for UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP. The first single, “THE ALIEN BOOGIE DUB SHUFFLE” was released at the end of September and is a funk and boogie blend of a pumping rhythm section with tasty guitars and keyboards that bounce and groove all the way through the tune!

The new single can be pre-saved at SPOTIFY prior to the release date at this link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/uncleroysspaceship/alien-dance-music-3

Here’s what Uncle Roy has to say about the creation of, “A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC”: “Holiday greetings, Earthlydians! The universe is filled with music and is starting to jump and jive as the holiday season kicks in! From planet to planet and moon to moon, the parties have already started! Now, I wanted to add a little Earthiness to those parties and decided that a fat groove, surrounded by rave-like keyboards and funky spacey guitars would fit perfectly into a happy, party atmosphere on every world! To come to that decision, I needed to do some listening to some of those musical legends from Earth for inspiration first. I went into the music vault on the spaceship and took out some ancient vinyl to spin on the antique stereo system I have on the spacecraft, alongside all the digital gear I have as well. I grabbed Miles Davis ‘Bitches Brew’ and ‘Jack Johnson’ albums, Michael Jackson’s ’Thriller’ album, the Temptations ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Psychedelic Shack’ tunes, Tower of Power ‘What is Hip,’ Average White Band ‘Pick Up the Pieces,’ and Weather Report’s ‘Heavy Weather’ album. Once again, the sounds spread throughout the ship, just the way I like it. After a few light years of listening, I was ready to write! With ease, a little of the elements of these great players and tunes, dripped into the spirit and construction of ‘A.LIEN D.ANCE M.USIC.’ I added myself into the mix and the song was alive!”

Uncle Roy has also released two EPs in 2019, the progressive rock instrumental EP UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIPS’s “HOW DO WE GET TO EARTH?” and an alternative rock/vocal EP called “SAVE THE UNIVERSE” by UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET. Both are available on-line and as a CD.

With musical comparisons written within the press reviews about those Ep’s, comparing the sounds to David Bowie and Cheap Trick to King Crimson and Frank Zappa, Uncle Roys Alien Music, certainly touches upon a universe of the different and cool genres of rock music that generations of Earthlings have loved!

UNCLE ROY aka ROY LEONARD HERMAN is from the cosmic city of Brooklyn, which is a borough of New York City, which is a planet, all by itself. All walks of musical life from all across the universe are there. Here is a little story he likes to tell about meeting a musical legend and an originator of what is called ‘rock ‘n’ roll music.’ “On a very, very rainy day, circa 1974, a friend and I took a drive to Chinatown in New York City. You could get the best and the most Chinese food at tiny, family owned restaurants, for only a few dollars. By the time we arrived in the big city the rain was torrential! I drove through the small streets to our destination. I pulled up in front of the restaurant and let my friend out so he could go in and get us a table. He jumped out and I looked around for a parking space. With incredible luck, there was a parking space directly across the street from the restaurant. So, I drove to the corner of the street and made a U-turn, hoping no one would hit me and that I would hit no one as well. The rain was making visibility through the car windshield completely blurry. Well, I made it safely from corner to corner and parked the car right across from the restaurant my friend was waiting at on the small street. I opened the window a little to see out and the rainfall poured in. I quickly closed the window and looked through it. No visibility was capable as the water cascaded down the window. I said, okay. I counted to three and pushed open the door, and closed it quickly. Instantly, I took off running to cross the street. And then, it happened!!! As I hit the middle of the street in full stride, I smashed into another person running across the street from the other direction! It was ‘Chuck Berry!’ I look up at him and he looks at me and we smile and laugh. I yell, ‘Chuck Berry!’ We start to shake hands and he continues to smile! Here I am standing in bucket loads of falling rain, in the middle of a street in NYC with Chuck Berry, a creator and inventor of a style of music that is loved all over the cosmos! Immediately, I say, “Chuck, come and eat with my friend and I!” Chuck looks at me, as we’re still shaking hands and he says, “I can’t. I have my people waiting for me over there.” Chuck points over my shoulder to a restaurant. I said, okay. We then said goodbye and we each ran out of the rain in opposite directions to the restaurants. This took only a few minutes of Earth time but the memory will last forever. This was amazing!”

As the Earth spins and revolves around the Sun over the next few months, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP is going to release several more singles into the musical universe. So, as always, watch the skies and stay tuned into your favorite places in the galaxy to hear music each day!

Visit UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP AT SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dg8eRYtGOQjVr2VPaHuOm
The track link will activate on Friday, November 18. The link is: https://open.spotify.com/track/0r8U8K8jiNBWAJXkTf171C
The Apple/iTunes artist link: https://music.apple.com/artist/1472815673
The Apple/iTunes track link: https://music.apple.com/album/1650109100?i=1650109101
The track link at Apple/iTunes will be activated on Friday, November 18.


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