Rock-Pop Review: Denoven-Retrofuturism

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: TimeArt Recordings


If you remember the 80s and the music that was being played then you will love Retrofuturism from the artist known as Denoven. Straight away one of your first thoughts will be this is one of those uncovered gems that never got released. The process of putting it together started in 2018 and was completed this year. The album showcases one hell of a tight band and a lady with an incredible voice that goes up to 5 octaves, which is extremely rare.

Notably, tracks are featuring Pat Kelley and Mike Miller on guitar with the masterfully effective synth work by Denoven and commanding vocals. Other players in her band that you will recognize are the incredible Vinnie Colaiuta on drums with Neil Steubenhaus on bass.

So, if you are ready to rock and think of days gone by, this will do it for you and then some. So here we go into the music time machine…

If you can remember the days of dancing “Body to Body” or you are doing it now in your social distanced bubble then good for you! Here is some music that will keep those eternal embers burning. Although I think the song is about what happens after the dance.

“Just Wanna Love You” is one of my favorites, it features a band in sync and reminds me of the 80s and Friday nights dancing in San Francisco. It put a smile in my heart and soul. It is perfect for the period. Denoven’s voice is sultry smooth and very emotive albeit sexy. The point gets across loud and clear. There are some great background vocals and a cut like a new razor lead guitar three-quarters of the way through as the track gets closer to the end.

The quirky “Make Up Your Mind” takes you down another path, this time the progressive lane as mentioned on the website one sheet, it is “odd meter.” This proved to be the outright talent this band has and their ability to change it up so fast.

The ballad “Never Goes Away” would have been a hit back in the 80s and actually, it sounded timeless to me and it is a hit at any time on my radio dial. This was excellent musicianship and vocals on display. I found a lot of appreciation for what was being offered. Similarly, and more of a rocker, “Out of My Head,” is a reminder of the days when hormones were raging and the power of youth took complete control of your mind and body. And another great guitar lick comes front and center around three quarters into the track, putting the rocker stamp on it for good. In the end, Denoven lets her 5-octave vocals close out the track. Wow, what a finale that was!

“Radioactive” sounds radio ready and a sure-fire hit in the top forty in the 80s. This music may be close to four decades removed from now but today I enjoyed it as much as I would have then. That says it all for this music lover.

Retrofuturism is a solid group of tracks and the title befits the music, you have my guarantee. Are you ready to rock into the 80s again or maybe for the first time? Here comes Denoven!

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-MuzikMan.net Founder
November 17, 2020

Track List:
01. Out of My Head 3:28                                 
02. Words in the Dark 3:48                           
03. Make Up Your Mind 4:01                           
04. Radioactive 4:02                                    
05. Who Do You Know 3:10                            
06. Body to Body 4:15                                 
07. You’re Someone I Could Know 4:13         
08. Hot as Ice 4:02                                            
09. Just Wanna Love You 3:35                      
10. Never Goes Away 4:14   


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