Music Review-Multiple Genres: Chicago Roots-Too Late to Pray Defiant- -Bloodshot Records' 25th Anniversary Compilation

Genre: Various
Release Date: November 8th, 2019
Label: Bloodshot Records

Utilizing a variety of artists and a variety of musical genres, Bloodshot Records has provided millions of music lovers with an immersive compilation of music called Too Late to Pray Defiant- Bloodshot Records' 25th Anniversary Compilation. Too Late to Pray Defiant is an album with a multitude of contributing artists, all pouring their hearts out into their songs.

This album feels communal as if the album was a small town of diverse and interesting people, each with a story to tell. As you listen to each song, you feel like you’re getting to know every artist and their message. While “The Last Honky Tonk in Chicago” is upbeat and fun, “If It's News To You” immediately adopts a grunge tone. Too Late to Pray Defiant ranges from good news to bad news, from orchestral music to rock, from a solemn tone to an upbeat tone.

A key component of Too Late to Pray Defiant is its celebration of diversity. Although it isn’t explicitly mentioned, the wide variety of songs in this album accurately resembles the wide variety of people in the world. From country to country, community to community, diversity is everywhere in our society and the lack of conformity is so often shamed. Through the increase in restrictive immigration laws and the harsh realities of racism, instead of promoting diversity we condemn it. Too Late to Pray Defiant does the exact opposite of that. Each genre of music it includes is indicative of a separate community in today’s world. Although we’d expect such a strong range of genres to clash, each song compliments each other. The melody in “Wearing White” consists of cello and piano, and yet it still manages to transition into the undertones of rock in “Lay Me Down.”

Each of the contributing artist’s musical talent is evident in every single song. Whether it be “Wearing White”’s gorgeous melody or “I Am a Big Town”' emphasis on the incredible guitar ability, each artist knows their way around an instrument and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. The song feels like a rollercoaster, going up and down from emotion to emotion telling us a story about the community of musicians. Too Late to Pray Defiant is immersive, utilizing the celebration of diversity as well as the incredible musical ability to its advantage.

Key Tracks Include: “Wearing White” “The Last Honky Tonk in Chicago”, “I am a Big Town” “A Little Bit of Buck”

Ana McLaughlin- Muzikman.net Staff
October 29, 2019


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01.The Last Honky Tonk in Chicago
02. If Its News to You
03. I am a Big Town
04. Wearing White
05. Lay Me Down
06. The Sun is Going Down
07. You Never Told Me
08. Head Over Heels
09. Liza Jane
10. Lonely Aint Hardly Alive
11. Sway
12. Long Time Gone
13. A Little Bit of Buck
14. Dinosaur
15. Weeds and Daisies
16. I Wrote You a Song
17. Gotta Have my Baby Back
18. Honky Tonkin in the Moonlight
19. Yeah Yeah Yeah
20. The Sweetness
21. Toast That Lie
22. Tower Of Song

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