Folk Review: Jack Tempchin-This Guitar and Tonight

Release Date: August 23rd, 2019
Label: Mailboat Records

Jack Tempchin is a folk artist famous for providing the world with what is now recognized as the California Sound. He entered the music world as a member of the Funky Kings in the 1970s and then proceeded to cowrite multiple radio hits in the 80s. He worked closely with Glenn Frey, co-writing songs such as ̈True Love,” ̈The one you Love, ̈ ̈Sexy Girl, ̈ and ̈"Party Town.” Originally from Encinitas, the city of San Diego proudly congratulated him on his success in 2012, when the mayor announced a “Peaceful Easy Feeling Day” to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tempchin’s song released as a single. Tempchin’s newest album One More Time With Feeling is filled to the brim with emotion, amazing instrumentals, and lyrics sufficient to inspire his audience. 

Tempchin cleverly titled his newest album, since every single one of these songs has plenty of feeling to reveal. This album tells the story of a man going through a rollercoaster of emotions, all closely linked to love. The first song on this album, “True Love,” maintains a smooth melody, giving off a serene and calm atmosphere that suggests introspection and reflection on Tempchin’s part. It shows Tempchin first reflecting over whichever romantic battle he continues to describe in the rest of the album. “True Love” is a consistent theme throughout the album, repeatedly singing “True Loves got a lifetime guarantee” in “Never had the chance to say Goodbye.” “Love’s First Lesson” takes a much more solemn and reflective tone, claiming that loves first lesson is a broken heart. Tempchin demonstrates to his audience a glimpse of his love life and includes the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad times. 

Tempchin especially demonstrates his capability of writing a multitude of songs corresponding to multiple different genres in One More Time With Feeling. Although he does stick with his home genre of folk, Tempchin bounces from songs that are upbeat and fun to songs that are sad and tear-jerking. The title track, “One More Time With Feeling” is a song you can get up and dance to, its energetic. However, “Always Magic When the Sun Goes Do” is smooth, calming, and reflective. Whereas the instrumentals in “One More Time With Feeling” feel like they’re urging you to get up and dance, the instrumentals too “Always Magic When The Sun Goes Do” feel like they’re comforting you after a breakup. Tempchin’s One More Time With Feeling provides its audience with a whirlwind of emotions. From adrenaline to introspection, Tempchin demonstrates his amazing talent in each one of his songs. 

Key Tracks Include “Never Had The Chance to Say Goodbye”, “One More Time With Feeling”, “Love’s First Lesson”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

Ana McLaughlin-Muzikman.net Staff
October 21, 2019

Rate The Tracks

01. One of the Good Old Days
02. Peaceful Easy Feeling
03. True Love
04. One More Time With Feeling
05. Never Had The Chance To Say Goodbye
06. Back To The Old Me
07. Loves First Lesson
08. Out in The Desert
09. Always Magic When The Sun Goes Do
10. Big Lincoln


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