Track Feature: Love Ghost - Mr. Blue

Love Ghost is an up and coming Alternative Rock band. They reminded me fondly of Green Day on the new single "Mr. Blue."

There sound is rythmic and powerful. The track has an up and down emotion that drives it. The pace of the track changes a lot, however, when it reaches the chorus it erupts into a magnificent rock track.

Love Ghost sounds like they pulled out all the stops on Mr. Blue. The tracks sounds like it is radio ready to hit the charts. 

Actually it is much better than a lot of what you hear these days on your local stations. I think streaming has saved us from all the crap on the radio and it is bands like Love Ghost that are leading the way.

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Love Ghost Website: https://loveghost.com/

Love Ghost is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles. While young in age (two of them are seniors in high school), these musicians have a genuine and developed grunge rock sound. Their sound has been compared to Alice in Chains and Smashing Pumpkins, amongst other throwback rock greats...READ MORE...

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