Pop/Rock Review: Chris Braide-Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars

Release Date: May 20, 2014
Label: Braide Productions

With the summer heating up, there is nothing like a pop song to rise the spirits and get the good times rolling.  Chris Braide knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a good pop song.  Currently based out of Los Angeles, this English artist has worked with some of the top names around as a songwriter and a producer.  He has worked with artists such as BeyoncĂ©, Lana Del Ray, Britney Spears, David Guetta, and many others. He was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2013 film version of The Great Gatsby

Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars is his third solo album and it is a fine piece of work.  It is better than your average pop, and a good chance to get yourself acquainted with this under known artist.  These well produced songs and his soothing vocals will have you wondering how you have never heard of him before.    

Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars is at its best when songs are light-hearted, laid-back, and playful.  “Fifty Dollar Planets” is not just an example of this, but it is also probably the best song on the album.  This song is the perfect summer jam, with an atmosphere that is just fun.  It is light and catchy song that is hard not to get taken away with.  It is definitely the type of song that could make a run up the charts.  “This Is for the Girl” really hits its stride when the chorus comes around. It is one of the better love themed songs on the album. “Beautiful” is another catchy tune with a light atmosphere. It does not leave an impression on me like the opener, but it is still pretty good. “It’s Not Too Late” is a pretty infectious pop song that showcases the positive attributes of this album.

It is not perfect though, as there are some songs that are just not up to snuff.  “Fascinating” is my least favorite song.  I just find the lyrics to be too repetitive for my liking, which ultimately turns me off to it even though the music is not too bad.  “What Does It Mean” is another love song that is below par. It stands in the background, while the rest of the songs outshine it. The following songs such as “Sophia” and “What’s Going on in Your Head?” do not do much to make you forget about the previous lackluster.

It does end on a positive note.  “Agent Wilde” is another highlight of the album and a great way to end the album.  It embodies everything that has been right.  With its cool beat and laid-back atmosphere, it is the reason there is a “probably” in front of “the best song” for “Fifty Dollar Planets.”

Fifty Dollar Planets and Twenty Cent Stars is one solid pop album. It has its flaws, but it still manages to deliver the goods most of the time.  There is no denying Chris Briade’s talents as a singer and songwriter.  He might not be the most well-known artist out there, but he does know how to make an album that will please pop fans.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Fifty Dollar Planets, It’s Not Too Late, Agent Wilde

01.Fifty Dollar Planets
02.This Is for the Girl
05.Let Me Love You
06.It’s Not Too Late
07.What Does It Mean
09.Take What You Can
10.What’s Going on in Your Head?
11.Agent Wilde

Brian McKinnon

June 19, 2014

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