Supplement No. 1 to Connecticut Rocks! The History of Connecticut Rock 'N' Roll

Unique Music Reference Book Just Published!

The 257-page “Supplement To Connecticut Rocks!©” has just been published by its author, Paul Bezanker. This book updates and complements Bezanker’s 444-page book, “Connecticut Rocks! The History of Connecticut Rock ‘N’ Roll©” published in 1998. 

The book’s uniqueness is the fact that no author has ever documented a half century of the recorded output of an entire state’s musicians!  Together, the two books present a complete and accurate history of recorded popular music created by the many talented musicians of Connecticut!  “Recorded popular music” means rock’n’roll, rhythm & blues, rockabilly, doo-wops, blues, gospel, punk, new wave, hip-hop, instrumental, and soul recordings.  A few of the better known artists in the books are:  Gene Pitney, The 5 Satins, Michael Bolton, Bill Baker, The Carpenters, Al Anderson and The Wildweeds, The Nutmegs, The Down Beats, Jim Flaherty’s Caravan, Rocky Hart, Peter McCann, Tirebiter, Max Creek, Steam, The Chestnuts, The Chosen Few, Grayson Hugh, Bill Flagg, The Shags, The Ramrods, and The Highwaymen.

The scope of the books is:  Post-war recordings by Connecticut natives in the fields of rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll and associated categories, and record labels and companies based in Connecticut of the same period.  In other words, any rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll artists from Connecticut or Connecticut labels from 1946 through 1995 will be within the scope of this book.

For further information about either book, contact Paul Bezanker via email at PBezanker@aol.com or by mail at 2603 Kim Miller Rd., Lake Toxaway, NC  28747-6777.

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