Roddo Fab Industries-Sugar. Plum. Plastic.

Artist: Roddo Fab Industries
Title: Sugar. Plum. Plastic.
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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Roddo Fab Industries…kind of sounds like the latest animated film. Well its not and that thought actually, could not be farther from the truth. This band is actually one person, his name is John Gassere, and he provides all the lyrics and music while playing all the instruments. It truly is amazing what you can put together in a studio these days. I can imagine the time and effort that must have gone into this. He really does sound like a band on the new CD Sugar. Plum. Plastic.

The way the title is spelled out suggests a certain finality that carries with it definitive meaning in each song.

I found this CD very light in atmosphere and feeling. The weight of the world and all its problems melt away while listening to these pop-rock nuggets. As the artist suggests, this is a throwback to bands like the Beatles. If you listen to “Purple Streets” with its psychedelic underbelly pushing along nonsensical lyrics, one or two of the mop tops tunes is bound to come to mind. The lead off title track is a teaser, a real setup for everything else you are about to hear. I think the arrangement of songs has a great flow to it and I really did not hear a throwaway in the entire lot. The closer “Pity Party” is quite funny, I like the way it ends the album and leaves you wanting for more, forcing you to give it yet another spin. If you have the right stuff, the power of suggestion can be very effective and in this instance, it worked.

The instrumentation, while understated at times, can be quite effective, leaving the door open for Gassere to display his sugar sweet vocals that make each song a hook-laden delight. The title alone makes your (musical) sweet tooth cry out for more ear candy. There are not a lot of artists around that are making music like this and doing it well. Roddo Fab Industries has not cornered the market on this sound but he sure does a nice job of making it a fun listen and one that you want to hear again, and in the end that is all any recording artist could hope to accomplish.

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Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-March 13, 2007

01. Sugar Plum Plastic (2:48)
02. Purple Streets (3:06)
03. Miss You Like Crazy (3:05)
04. Paper Towel (2:59)
05. Take Me Back (3:26)
06. Wake Up Call (3:07)
07. See You There (3:14)
08. To Be (3:20)
09. Picture of Health (3:39)
10. Pity Party (3:29)

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