Electron Love Theory-Colors Of The Galaxy

Artist: Electron Love Theory
Title: Colors Of The Galaxy
Genre: Pop, Electronic, Dance
Label: Electron Records
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Listening to Colors Of The Galaxy you get the sense that electron love theory feels equally comfortable producing top-forty hits as they do spinning late night in a club. The creation of writer, musician, and producer Jeff Leisawitz, Electron Love Theory has been compared to artists such as Dido, Portishead, and Everything But the Girl, to name a few, and the range of comparisons is apt: Colors Of The Galaxy incorporates a wide range of styles across its thirteen tracks. What is remarkable about this album is how seamlessly, and to what good effect, Electron Love Theory incorporates different musical directions into a depth and breadth of sound that takes the best from each and mixes them into an aural ecosystem where every part adds to the whole.

“The Perfect Lie” brings the galaxy into existence with a smooth, ethereal sound setting the stage for the clean vocals of Gaetana Gravallese, whose fine voice is featured on ten of the tracks. The next couple of songs flesh out the soundscape, adding funky, driving baselines into the atmosphere. This is a rich sound that envelopes and holds you through the last beat. Flowing up from the vibrating, oceanic energy of the album are lyrics that navigate the distance between the personal world of human experience and emotion and physical world in which they exist: the Colors Of The Galaxy.

The album combines catchy, pop melodies to explore the more personal insights into songs such as “You’ll Never Know” and “My Own Worst Enemy,” with tracks like “Endlessly (version 2)” and “Stirring Words” utilizing more electronic and ambient sounds to invoke the outer world. But this distinction is only to help explain the themes and approaches used on the album; each song—and the album as a whole—makes use of, and integrates, sounds and styles, and inward and outward perspectives on the world, to create a cohesive, engaging, and very enjoyable whole. Nothing represents this unity better than the song “Uptown,” whose funky guitar; smooth bass, ambient electronics, well-placed scratches, and soul-tinged pop vocals make it one of the best songs on the album.

Colors Of The Galaxy , with its expert mixing of pure beats, driving rhythms, great melodies, clean vocals, and interesting lyrics is finely produced and good from start to finish, and then again.

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Ryan Quinn-March 13, 2007

01. The Perfect Lie (4:13)
02. Into the Moonlight (3:39)
03. Puzzle (3:44)
04. You'll Never Know (3:19)
05. Endlessly (version 2) (5:39)
06. Stirring Words (3:10)
07. Change Direction (4:25)
08. Uptown (4:31)
09. My Own Worst Enemy (4:13)
10. Where Is All the Love in the World? (4:30)
11. In Your Galaxy (4:09)
12. Your Love Is Bringing Me Down (3:59)
13. Come a Little Closer (4:05)

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