Eye Talk-Sun And Moon

Artist: Eye Talk
Title: Sun And Moon
Genre: Pop-Rock-Jazz
Label: Miles High Productions
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Eye Talk is a band but also a figure of speech that translates into feelings without words. Anyone can talk with their eyes or use certain body language to suggest something; however, it is a different matter interpreting all of that emotion through music and words.

Alan and Bob Clark are the duo that makes all the magic happen on their new release Sun And Moon. The title track and “Yesterday” fondly reminded me of top-forty music on a hot summer’s eve in the 70’s. I cannot help reverting to the days of my teens when I hear music that instantly transports me back to a time that seems like a dream now. It is sweet and sad all at the same time. Music that holds this power is very special.

Alan and Bob are music veterans now, as this is their third studio release. The Clark’s always have a bevy of guest musicians on their recordings to compliment their many talents. Alan is the lead vocalist, songwriter, producer, and he performs various instruments in the studio, while Bob provides additional songwriting, bass guitar, and vocals to their accessible contemporary pop sound. There are other elements to their catchy tracks, some smooth jazz finds its way into their sound as well, although primarily their focus fits squarely into an adult contemporary genus that would appeal the 40 something’s out there that have not heard quality pop without any frills in a long time. That is the appeal for folks that are tired of all the scantily glad blonde bombshells without any talent dominating the charts and videos on TV.

Ten solid tracks comprise this CD and the musicianship is quite good. Not only are the Clark’s fine songsmiths, they can hold their own as musicians and keep pace with all the talent coming into the studio to support them. That fact alone is impressive. This CD was a breath of fresh air for a weary soul tired of all the crap on the idiot box and watching fools that become famous based on their exploits outside the realm of music. These gents may never experience the great success that the less talented may enjoy but most certainly, they will find those that appreciate good music and lyrics that have some meaning and are easy enough to understand. It is not a lot to ask for yet a rarity these days. Check out Eye Talk and you will see what I mean.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

January 23, 2006

01. I Can't Fool Myself (3:34)
02. Stop Pretending (5:22)
03. Pain of Letting Go (3:23)
04. Sun and Moon (4:04)
05. Face in the Crowd (3:41)
06. Yesterday (3:31)
07. Two Equals One (4:41)
08. Do You Feel It? (3:20)
09. Won't Be Seeing Me Anymore (4:20)
10. Brighten My Day (4:01)

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