Artist Michelle Bellici-When Art And The Fight With RSD Became One Cause


Florence, Massachusetts--January 24, 2007-- Two Months ago artist Michelle Bellici came out of remis-sion from RSD: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. First diagnosed in November of 1997, Michelle’s right arm was paralyzed and atrophied for six months, which she eventually recovered from and resumed her career as an artist. This is devastating for a person that uses their hands and arms to create work to make a living.

This time when the disease reared its ugly head it started in Michelle’s right hand and traveled through her entire body, face, and internally including affecting the brain. Sometimes she can barely move her hands and then her legs stop working correctly, and it is difficult to do the simple everyday things like brushing teeth.

Michelle is undergoing costly Ketamine treatment to hold off the devastating effects as much as possible, to hopefully keep her out of a wheelchair, or bedridden. As you can imagine this is a terrifying experience for anyone to endure and Michelle does not want to get to this point but she is fighting everyday.
Like so many people who suffer from RSD, Michelle has entered into some serious financial difficulties with an inability to work and pay for the treatment that she so desperately needs.

Michelle Bellici has created a special website dedicated to selling her work for prices lower than market value to help pay for travel expenses and medical needs. She is open to all inquiries about the availability of her work and the price. Prints of original oil paintings are also available for $30 each plus shipping. The paintings listed on the site range from 5k to 25k each.

Michelle Bellici has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in such venues as the 2005 Florence Bienalle in Florence Italy. Michelle says-“The media tells you the story; you are the participant being walked through a picture that has already been painted. And its meaning is already constructed. Painting has the gift of silence. You must decide your own belief system; it will not be handed to you.”

Please stop by Michelle’s site to view her beautiful work and learn about RSD. Help her to begin a new chapter in her life. Give someone in need the ability to unveil a new canvas to paint a different story. It is possible with everyone’s understanding and help that Michelle can continue with further treatments how-ever, it is financially impossible for an individual unable to generate any income. This puts all lovers of art and fellow artists on notice. You can own a beautiful work of art and know that it went for a very good cause, stop by Michelle’s home in cyberspace now.

Contact: Michelle Bellici
Company: Michelle Bellici Art
Address: 98 Morningside Drive, Florence, MA 01062
Tel: 413-695-3670

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