Classic Rock Premiere Johnny Wore Black's 'Comfy Slippers'

The musical musings Johnny Wore Black an artist who uses words to draw listeners in to his unusual tales to create a powerful and cinematic sound.  No surprise as you might have recently seen this A-list stunt performer playing a Wildling alongside Mastodon on the recent episode of Game of Thrones!

Classic Rock premiered the Comfy Slippers video, making it their 'Track of the Week': http://www.teamrock.com/features/2015-06-05/classic-rock-s-tracks-of-the-week-29

You can also see the stunning animated video for ‘Firefly’ below, with sketchy, monochrome visuals augmenting a classy song about facing your own personal demons head on and the inherent challenges therein. Check the video premiere out on Loudwire: http://loudwire.com/johnny-wore-black-firefly-exclusive-video-premiere/

David Ellefson of Megadeth chose to work alongside Johnny Wore Black on production duties, as did Grammy Award Winner David Bottrill. The fact that such storied veterans of the business believe in the music of Johnny Wore Black goes some way to confirming the potential of this unusually dark artist.

In the words of David Ellefson himself:

“Johnny Wore Black has a very unique sound that I like and as an artist creating a unique sound is one of the hardest things to do, you either have it or you don’t and to me Johnny Wore Black definitely has it.”

Notable collaborators of Johnny Wore Black include Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass), Danny Langsman (Shanks and Bigfoot), Loretta Heywood (Winter in July), Simon Hutchby & Gez Walton (Earthtone 9) and more.

The singles are both taken from the current Johnny Wore Black album ‘Walking Underwater Part 2’. Available now, it followed debut LP ‘Walking Underwater Part 1’ as a double whammy of albums released in 2014 to excellent reviews. ‘Part 2’ sees Johnny Wore Black continue to evolve his unique energy and song writing style, with an intense, passionate lyrical style.

iTunes link for Walking Underwater Pt 2:

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