Rock Review: Andrew Pearson Third International-Formaldehyde (Single)

Release Date: January 28, 2014
Label: Boosh Music

“Formaldehyde” is the new single from Andrew Pearson Third International, formerly Third International and not to be confused with any kind of revolution (look up your history).

This one off single follows the DVD IDES and precedes the upcoming live album that will be out in a few months. It’s a taste if you will of the Pearson musical oeuvre.

Once again Pearson creates a great rock sound with prolific lyrics espousing the human condition. The suggestion is that we are our own worst enemy, like superman’s kryptonite we serve up our own “Formaldehyde” and can literally destroy our own self-image with doubts creeping in to beg the question “are you good enough?” As a creative individual I can totally relate to that and how you can torture the core of one’s being with negative thoughts and things manufactured in your mind only.

This verse puts it all into proper perspective:

In measured steps we fall from grace
As we trip the light fantastic race
Never seemed so out of place
If I could only save some face
Maybe leave something behind

Yes Pearson you have done it again, this time with singularity of purpose through one track. “Formaldehyde” will rock your soul in more ways than one. Per usual the instrumentation is exceptional with Andrew’s piercing guitar lines and expressive vocal style. One song, one voice, one purpose.

4/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

January 31, 2014

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