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KESHO reveals tasteful new offering 'Whiskey Sour'

Kenyan born, UK based artist KESHO (pronounced ‘kay-sho’) returns with new single ‘Whiskey Sour, and it’s a tasteful experience best served on a good set of speakers. Fusing elements of dance, electronica, and R&B to create his vibrant sound, Connor Daniel, aka the mind behind KESHO, clearly states that his music refuses to be limited to one musical avenue. Receiving support from LA On Lock, Talk About Pop Music, Topsify UK and many more outlets, KESHO is a smooth artist with layers of personality. 

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, KESHO explains, "I'd drink you like a Whiskey Sour, a double measure" - This line of the hook encompasses the track's meaning. Imagine enjoying one's company so much that it's never enough... and you want them and their energy tenfold.”

Coming up with the idea when the UK government rules were only allowing bars and restaurants to be open outdoors, KESHO came up with the great concept whilst freezing outside in the cold. Armed with a sing-along melody that will bury its way into your head, you won’t mind that this ear-worm song will be stuck there for a while. 

Born in Kenya, Connor spent his early years in the coastal city of Mombasa before moving to the UK. His artist name ‘KESHO’ is Swahili for ‘Tomorrow’. Clearly stating that he is the star of tomorrow, if ‘Whiskey Sour’ is anything to go by, KESHO could become an overnight sensation. Coming from a musical family, Connor started off as a hip-hop and street dancer, before discovering that he could sing. Quickly learning how to write, produce his own songs and remix them, Connor knew from that moment, he was born to do this.

After a few months' practice, I found my bootlegged remixes of Drake and Usher songs, that I had uploaded to YouTube for fun, go viral within the first few weeks of sharing them! I can't stand them now, they're over 10 years old and the Synths sound like someone farted in a trumpet... but having over 2 million views as a 14 year old bedroom producer will always be a fond memory,” says KESHO.