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Lance Reegan-Diehl Releases New Studio Album Maniacal Cavern

Guitar Player Extraordinaire Makes His Mark Again

Seoul, Korea— April 28, 2023 The wait for the next Lance Reegan-Diehl (LRD) album is over and worth the wait. With Maniacal Cavern, this extraordinary guitar player has left an indelible mark on the world of instrumental rock. This time out, there are a few vocal tracks; however, he will please his long-time fans with some of the best and most diverse work of his career.

A point of interest regarding his guitar prowess is that Lance recorded guitars on the album THOR : Alliance during 2021 along with Producer / Bassist / writer - Kevin Stuart Swain, and Neil Turbin.

Lance Reegan-Diehl (L.R.D.) is a Guitarist / Composer / Producer / Clinician with Fifteen studio albums to his credit, including the most recent Maniacal Cavern. And performance/work on over 29 albums total. He is also a well-known touring musician and clinician while representing several names of instrument manufacturers over the years. His technical abilities are recognized in high regard, and companies seek his recommendations and representation for their equipment.

Lance’s eclectic release will surely pull in a wide range of listeners worldwide, particularly those who appreciate innovative instrumental rock jams.

Online recording distribution began in February, with the official release of the CD on March 8th. The album is streaming on Spotify and for purchase digitally on iTunes.

Lance Reegan-Diehl is one of the great guitar players you may have never heard of but need to discover now. His back catalog is impressive, and the Maniacal Cavern is one more documentation of his guitar-playing excellence that will be noticed by industry people and listeners all over the world.

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Lance Reegan-Diehl Launches History of Rock Tour

Seoul, Korea-September 24, 2008- Lance Reegan Diehl, international recording artist, has gathered a group of musicians to celebrate the greatest songs in rock history. The band will go on tour for six weeks of festivals starting on October 3rd and running to November 17th. The History of Rock tour with the L.R.D. Band will kickoff for US troop support October 3rd at Yongsan Post Korea...READ MORE...