IDC Emerges as One of San Francisco’s Most Trusted Partners for Live Music and the Independent Artist Community

San Francisco, CA – In business for almost 20 years, INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION COLLECTIVE is a marketing, distribution, and event production company headquartered in San Francisco. IDC has produced hundreds of live events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and has executed successful music marketing campaigns for a diverse array of independent labels and artists. For more information, please visit their recently redesigned official IDC website at www.independentdistro.com

IDC partnered with Illuminate The Arts (illuminate.org) and the SF Recreation and Parks Department in 2021 to bring free live music to San Francisco, together hosting over 500 concerts across the city at venues including the Golden Gate Park Bandshell (goldengatebandshell.org), along the GGP JFK Promenade, and at Union Square (visitunionsquaresf.com). Hundreds of artists have been hired to bring joy through live music to hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors, with free shows held across San Francisco almost every weekend throughout 2023! All performances are curated and booked by Steffen Franz and his team at IDC, who have emerged as one of the city’s most trusted partners for live music.

IDC founder Steffen Franz has decades of experience producing large-scale events, bringing his technical prowess and management skills to many national and local brands and non-profit organizations including SONY (SIE), UCSF, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Google, Facebook/Meta, Prometheus, Asana, Hitachi, City of Hope, and GAP Corporate Summit. Steffen also produces the annual conference for Women In Product, a major women-focused nonprofit organization, and is the technical director for all AfroTech Executive events.

IDC also provides a set of unique and valuable services to help independent labels and artists strategize, market, and distribute their own releases. IDC maintains long-standing business relationships with an assortment of retailers, publicists, radio promoters, social media experts, graphic designers, videographers and editors, and various other industry professionals that can be hired to work on any project.

With their innovative IDC PROMO service, IDC strategizes customized and cost-effective marketing and distribution campaigns to yield tangible results for an agreed upon budget. IDC Promo campaigns can be targeted around music releases (single, EP, and full-length), as well as other products and general brand building. Please feel free to send IDC any information about your project or releases here. (https://independentdistro.wufoo.com/forms/idc-promo-request-for-information/)

IDC has executed successful campaigns for some great new projects in 2023, including the powerful new full-length album Creatures In The Garden from Bay Area rock songstress Karney, showcasing an incredible blend of soulful and dreamy acoustic arrangements, easy indie rock beats, dusty distortion, and winding bass lines, all as Karney weaves images of nature throughout. This release is currently featured on the front page of IDC’s website.

Earlier this year saw Pardon The Interruption bring a powerful energy and a unique sound to their sophomore album Hot N’ Fresh, which finds the band in full stride with nine original tracks mining every corner of the indie-pop-funk spectrum.

Another notable 2023 release came from Michael Vincent, a well-known SF Bay Area singer/songwriter and recording artist whose new album Electric Fox displays a range of genres including power pop, alternative, blues, Americana/roots music, and even edgier garage rock influences while always maintaining that signature Michael Vincent feel.

IDC has also marketed and released other incredible new artists and music releases over the last year including The Beautiful Losers album San Francisco; the new Night Feel Good EP from Donovan Plant & The Leafs; the debut full-length album Oceans Will Never Keep Us Apart from DJ and producer Converse Basin; a series of singles and EPs from hip hop and pop artist Sheridan; the new album 3 from experimental psych rock group Revolushn; the cover single “You’re A Friend Of Mine” from Bay Area favorite Dan Ashley together with original co-writer and Grammy winner Narada Michael Walden; and the transformative debut full-length album Bodega Flowers from New York rocker Mark Duda!

Visit the recently redesigned official IDC website at: www.independentdistro.com

Please feel free to send IDC any information about your project or releases through the IDC Request for Information (RFI) Form. (https://independentdistro.wufoo.com/forms/idc-promo-request-for-information/)

For more information please call or email IDC at: (415) 292-7007 – newmusic@independentdistro.com

For Press and Interview inquiries please contact Billy James of Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

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