A newcomer of experimental pop moves between fantasy and realism, Finnish musician Ada Aik produces electronic music that flirts with the uncanny valley effect.

Ada Aik is an alter-ego for the musician Karin Mäkiranta, who is known from bands such as Karina and Babel. Now she hides under a plastic wig and lives in a dollhouse, which is the scene for her 2022 forthcoming album. Each track represents a room in the dollhouse. Here you can read more about the ‘rooms’.

Speaking about the process of how she created the focus track ‘Garage’, Ada shares, “I knew what I wanted when I composed this song, the form and the lyrics came easy. The fast tempo felt compelling to me, I listened to the demo a lot while running.This song is a bathroom in Ada Aik’s house but the song was composed in a garage where the title comes from. Anyhow- the bathroom has elements from the garage (the concrete walls and an unfinished look) so the title stayed.”

Receiving praise from the likes of WRSZW, New Music Friday on Spotify and Radio Helsinki, Ada Aik is also known for her conceptual gigs. Creating a room in a dollhouse live and also on her website, performing arts is one of her main interests. An incredible songwrite, Karin Mäkiranta also creates music for the silver screen. Musically endearing, the track is situated within a glistening experimental pop limelight and transcends listeners into a ethereal realm. 

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