Deep house producer, songwriter and DJ Jeh releases ethereal number 'Wonderland'

Deep house producer, songwriter and DJ Jeh makes wide-eyed, emotional music that will leave you wanting more. His songs blend organic and electronic instrumentation, incorporating classic sounds to try and bring the underground house grooves into mainstream tracks. 

Receiving praise from the likes of Rolling Stone India, Distract TV and Indian Express to name a few outlets, Jeh’s music has also accumulated over 3 million streams. Back with exhilarating new release ‘Wonderland’, Jeh said the track’s about ‘sometimes life isn’t perfect, it’s no wonderland, but it’s beautiful’.

One of India’s fasted rising electronic artists, if ‘Wonderland’ is anything to go by, Jeh will have his name in vivid lights in no time. Receiving DJ support from across the globe, Jeh has even charted at #107 in Estonia, #121 in Latvia and #169 in Germany. 

Based around a hypnotising rhythm and innovative vocal, ‘Wonderland’ will have you lost and leaving the track stuck on repeat. At just under 3 minutes long, the mystical number comes across as ethereal and everything you’d expect from India’s finest artist.

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