Stream Feature: Sara Stevens - Promise

Sara Stevens just turned 15 years old and when you hear her voice you will be amazed how mature it sounds. I know we have all heard the term child prodigy overused in many areas of life however this young lady defines that term!

On the track "Promise" she sings about sending her daddy an angel while at war and while doing so sounds like one. 

This adult contemporary piece is a beautiful arrangement that highlights her incredible vocals. I can see Sara becoming a big star either as someone similar to Susan Boyle or finding her place in performing operas. Either way she is a success and will continue on that path.

Listen to this track and a future star at work!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About Sara:


Sara Stevens Performing
Sara Stevens has the kind of voice you hear once in a lifetime. Crystal-pure in tone, soaring from warm lows to shiver-inducing highs, it combines natural sweetness with conviction and power.That voice alone is enough to make Sara a remarkable artist.  What’s even more amazing is that she is 15 years old. Sara is one of those undeniable talents who can make the most skeptical music professional sit up and take notice. “Most of the time, when people say, ‘I want you to hear this really talented 12 year-old, you go, ‘yeah, right,’” composer/producer Paul Schwartz, conductor of Broadway’s The Phantom of the Opera, reminisces. “But I’ve never worked with anyone like Sara. Her voice would be surprising coming out of anybody. It’s one of those sounds that make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

She’s just fantastically musical naturally.”Whether she’s singing an operatic aria, a musical theater standard or a tune she helped to write, Sara’s ability to embody the soul of a song is a rare gift. More than just displaying technical excellence, she brings a deep emotional commitment to her music. You can’t help but be a little in awe of what she does. (Excerpt of Bio from artist webpage)

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