Country Review: Patty Mattson-Throwdown

Release Date: November 10, 2014
Label: Indie

Patty Mattson has released a new album called Throwdown. The recording features seven strong tracks and the voice of a talented woman with the strength and conviction to deliver the words.

Even though this recording clocks in at just over 23 minutes Ms. Mattson packs it all into one powerful package with her vocal style and straight forward approach. It’s non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

The musicianship is fine throughout the run of this CD and a suitable match for Patty. All thanks go to Simone Sello for a masterful job multitasking and playing all the instruments (with the exception of drums on two tracks courtesy of Billy Pace). I did cover her last full length The Road and was quite impressed so it looks like she picked up right where she left off!

When I heard “Dear Momma” and “Daddy” it made me get all emotional and I suppose that is just what it is supposed to do so a job well done Patty. With all the sentiment aside, the opener and title track “Throwdown” is real kick up your heels and holler off the rooftop number. It’s full of energy and it rocks down the house. Now that is the way you are supposed to open an album. Along those same lines you should close out an album strong as well, so it keeps your listeners coming back for more, well, she does it again with perhaps the strongest cut on the album “I Can Feel It Comin’.”

This album feels like an EP but the range for that format is 3-5 songs. I think the difference here besides two more tracks are that it’s so darn good, you feel like it ends much too soon. That is a good thing for Patty Mattson. Why this lady is not a star right up there with folks like Carrie Underwood and the like, is beyond me. She has what it takes, and delivers the goods time and time again.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Dear Momma, Throwdown, I Can Feel It Comin’

02.Dear Mama
03.Guess Life’s Not
04.Always What It Seems
05.Stranger To Love
07.I Can Feel It Comin’

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Write A Music Review Founder
December 3, 2014

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