Shauna Burns-Anamnesis Review

Artist: Shauna Burns
Title: Anamnesis
Genre: Folk-Rock-Celtic
Label: Red Rock
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Anamnesis (Ancient Greek: "recollection, reminiscence" literally "loss of forgetfulness") is a term used in medicine, philosophy, psychoanalysis and religion. So how does this term relate to Shauna Burns and her new EP? Ms. Burns is never one to bring something to the table that is simple and clearly defined. She opts for the complexity of the inner sanctum we call the mind. Within that entire process are her words and music that will instantly transport their way there into where your thoughts may be lingering and festering, in need of nourishment.

On this five song EP Shauna Burns reminds us of her haunting and beautiful vocals and how easy it is to be entranced by the musical web she weaves with a fascinating blend of folk, Celtic and rock music. Each song seamlessly leads to the next inviting you in and becoming intrinsically connected to one another. Before you know it the music stops and you wonder where the time went, it is like a bat of an eyelash, a spec in the universe that came and went.

Even though Anamnesis is a short journey Shauna Burns makes the best of her time once again and delivers the goods in convincing fashion. One can only hope that this is a precursor to something bigger right around the corner.

4/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 19, 2009

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2.A Letter
4.Driving Far
5.So Tell Me

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