Nad Neslo Is Back From Gone On Eclectic Debut CD


Sacramento, CA-August 8, 2007- Much like multi-track recording pioneer Les Paul did before him, Sacramento native Nad Neslo has recorded his debut album Back From Gone by playing all the instruments himself. The technology may be a little more user friendly today as Neslo uses a Roland VS-1880 digital multi-track recorder, where Les Paul used whatever he could solder together in his garage. The inspiration and passion of Neslo are what make the album the perfect soundtrack for a long drive along the back roads of America.

Neslo plays guitar with passion, purpose, and feeling. A special touch developed over the years compliments his understated Nils Lofgren like vocal style. The CD is an all-encompassing statement proving that indie artists have the talent and ingenuity to go end to end with their process without any outside influences.

Nad Neslo’s path is similar to other artists in that he was a fan first. Listening to music from late night pirate radio stations that played non-mainstream music through headphones was the way it all started for Nad. His dad was an early influence, playing piano with a three-piece band for fun and some extra income. As a teen Nad acquired a substantial record collection and took in live concerts in and around the San Francisco bay area. Quickly favorite aspects of any live concert he attended was when bands or performers would deviate from the norm and go off in an unexpected direction.

Back From Gone embodies the spirit of artists that have the need to explore. Everything about the release breathes of improvisation and long stretches of rock and blues flavored guitar runs. Much like the artists Nad witnessed in live performances, he has channeled that experience into his own music and approach. Neslo’s writing style embraces a story telling aspect that stems from a desire to take the listener on a journey. Neslo says-“I want them to come along for a ride with me and I hope to show them something they haven’t seen before.” He accomplishes his goal with atmospheric and picturesque tracks like “Lonely Linda,” a magnum opus clocking in at nearly 13 minutes. The track burns with the blues and is saturated with guitar rock, all enhanced with a memorable vocal treatment. In contrast, the track “Wandering John” features captivating hooks throughout. Special guest Annette Olsen provides stellar background vocals on the tracks "Peace of Mind" and "The Distance." If varied guitar work, exceptional vocals, and reflective lyrics with long stretches of exceptional instrumental runs are your cup of tea, you will find many gems awaiting you on Back From Gone.

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