Laura Day Is Sweet On RC


Madison, Wisconsin--August 21, 2006-- Back when Laura Day was a young woman working in a grocery store as an office-girl, (the girl you’d see in that cage next to the check lanes), those were the days when soda came in bottles and folks brought their empties back for refunds. Everyone loves a great love story, and this love story is about an RC Cola truck driver who delivered soda to Laura’s grocery store, and in the process, delivered her the most thrilling crush of her lifetime. It was a heart racing, palms sweating, weak-in-the-knees pure infatuation.

Day was so in love that she had to write a song about her sweet delivery man. Aptly titled “RC,” the song is a country-folk flavored tune that is bound to turn some heads at the RC Cola Company, and encourage them to contact Laura and begin a new advertising campaign. After all, when was the last time you saw an advertisement on TV or heard a jingle on the radio for RC soda?

With verse after verse as sweet as the soda pop that the song is named after, Laura Day takes her talents and her once-in-a-lifetime feelings for her RC driver and sets them to words…

I work the office in this big-name grocery store
Checkin' deliveries as they come through the door
And the first time that I saw the boy, it put me on the floor
While he was counting six packs, I was counting on a little more

Besides being a talented singer, songwriter and musician, Laura Day also launched a publishing company in 2005, Stratess Publishing, Inc., which is a subsidiary of her computer consulting company, Stratess, Inc. She is currently recording tracks for her next album at Smart Studio in Madison, WI, performing concerts, and continuing in her corporate consulting and custom business systems application development work.

Laura Day
Stratess Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 45335 Madison, WI 53744-5335
Tel: 608-358-4418
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