Crusher Records Re-Releasing Dead Man's Debut Album

DEAD MAN - DEAD MAN (BLACK) Crusher Records is re-releasing Dead Man’s debut, and long time out of print, album as three different and limited vinyl versions: solid black (300), solid gold (100) and crystal clear (100) vinyl.

Dead Manis a mix of 70’s heavy rock, folk rock and a big portion of psychedelia. Their self-titled debut was recorded in 2005 at Svenska Grammofon Studion in Göteborg, Sweden, and released on February 25th, 2006. The album contains seven tracks, including the two hit songs Highway and Goin’ Over The Hill.

Dead Manwas formed in 2003, Örebro, Sweden, and started off as a purely experimental band. In September 2004 they released their first record, the 7-inch single Ship Ahoy! / Thousand Mile Stare, on Crusher Records. In February 2006 the band released their debut album Dead Man. The album release was followed up by tours in Europe. In March 2008 they released their second album, Euphoria, and for the first time the band crossed the ocean over to America for a few weeks of touring and got featured in magazines like SPIN, Brooklyn Vegan and Time Out New York to only name a few.

This re-release will be out on January 24, 2014.

Complete track listing:
1. Goin’ Over The Hill
2. Haunted Man
3. Mumbo Gumbo
4. Season Of The Dead
5. Further
6. Highway
7. Deep Forest Green

All three versions are currently available for pre-order over at Shiny Beast (NL), whilst the black vinyl version is also available via Plastic Head (UK). On release day all three versions will also be available via All That Is Heavy (US).

SOLID BLACK (NL): http://bit.ly/1iyyrIW
SOLID BLACK (UK): http://bit.ly/Jy4slO
SOLID GOLD (NL): http://bit.ly/1eZYcBq
CRYSTAL CLEAR (NL): http://bit.ly/1bDnE7J


On February 28th we are re-releasing the Troubled Horse 7-inch Bring My Horses Home / Shirleen. It will be slightly different from before.

On March 7th we're releasing Like Elephants 2. But remember to catch any of their shows while they tour in Jan/Feb:
30.01.2014 - DE Bielefeld, Movie
31.01.2014 - DE Nürnberg, Pegnitzbühne
01.02.2014 - DE Köln, Sonic Ballroom
02.02.2014 - DE Tübingen, Münzgasse
03.02.2014 - DE München, Backstage
05.02.2014 - DE Frankfurt am Main, Dreikönigskeller
06.02.2014 - DE Hamburg, Astra Stube
07.02.2014 - DE Berlin, Ramones Museum (acoustic set)
07.02.2014 - DE Berlin, White Trash Fast Food
08.02.2014 - DK Copenhagen, KB18

Thank you for supporting Crusher Records!

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