Terence Blanchard-A Tale Of God's Will (A Requiem For Katrina)

Artist: Terence Blanchard
Title: A Tale Of God’s Will (A Requiem For Katrina)
Genre: Blue Note
Label: Jazz
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A Tale Of Gods Will (A Requiem For Katrina) is more than just another jazz record and much more than a soundtrack recording; it is an epic recording that, while rooted in jazz, reaches far beyond any single genre. Multi Grammy winner and New Orleans native Terence Blanchard and company have taken the material he wrote for Spike Lee’s documentary “When the Levees Broke” and expanded it into a collection of tracks that is simply beyond category. The album reminds us of the musical gifts that New Orleans has given us, what has been lost, and what we are in jeopardy of losing in the aftermath of the flood...READ MORE...

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  1. I got my copy yesterday and I confess that I'm in love with this CD. Very nice.


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