Bryan Lavigne Says Goodbye To Corporate America On Big Picture Idiot CD


Tulsa, OK-July 2, 2007-For independent artist Bryan Lavigne the inspiration for his new album Big Picture Idiot came out of the frustration with going to an office 5 days a week and doing something he simply did not enjoy. This became more apparent by finding something to do that he did enjoy, songwriting and recording music. The birth of a child also put a different light on things and after that, the decision was easy, become a stay at home dad and make music. None of this happened impulsively however, careful planning was in place all along. Lavigne had all of his songs complete before turning in his keys and walking away to a new future filled with hope and promise.

All of Big Picture Idiot was recorded, mixed, and then mastered in the home studio of Lavigne. His former occupation of Computer Engineer gave him the necessary troubleshooting skills to learn about audio engineering. From the days of making multi-track recordings using 2 cassette decks and spliced wires while in college with no money, to a 4 track cassette, then finally into digital computer recording today-the artist has learned the basics and built upon that to bring him to a level that few reach while recording independently at home. Coming up with a process using the computer that allowed him to write ideas and take it all the way to a finished song was just the beginning for the inspired Lavigne.

Most songs on Big Picture Idiot started with a guitar part. Lavigne would add bass and drums then write lyrics and melodies, believing Kurt Cobain's philosophy that the music comes first. He would then rework the rhythm section if necessary, to fit the melody, come up with some leads, harmonies and sometimes keyboard parts. From that point, the rough mix was ready for re-recording all the parts starting with the drums. The final tracks would start with a final drum take to lock in a good groove, and the basic parts were finished and ready for changing parts, mostly leads, keyboards or harmonies-then finally the mixing and mastering to complete the album.

Lavigne played and sang all parts on the CD. He played guitar, bass, drums, and some keyboards. His love for bands like Rush, Beck, Cake, and Sting come through in different parts of the recording but it all boils down to tough as nails rock-metal with a punk underbelly to drive that final stake into the heart of his past. Music can be the healer and the impetus to change, and Bryan Lavigne did it all his own way, making a CD full of energy and conviction.

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