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Rock Review: Age of Aquarius-Out There

Release Date: March 3, 2021

Label: 2020 Age of Aquarius


After their seismic debut Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the band of the same title – Age of Aquarius is back, this time, with an intergalactic sound. Out There, unveils a unique outer space saga that brings about everyday questions of what more could lie beyond this world. What really might lie….out there in the great beyond? The band’s addition of Nakoma Z gives the album an elegant tonality to the record and touches of pop to the progressive-rock base and foundation of the album.

“Anyone out There” starts off the record by playing into the overall theme of extraterrestrial life but, at the same time asks a more direct question pertaining to her own life. Feeling alone, she craves companionship and repeats the question throughout the song, longing for completion. On the intro of “Face of the Unknown,” there is a tinge of bluegrass/country that quickly graduates into a song of pure rock of this image or creature we cannot quite make out but, we are so curious to find and identify. This alludes itself more to the serious note of worldly wonders.

“Mysterious Light Being” is almost like a part 2 to track two. A duet that is a double entendre of sorts, where both individuals are curious of this light being. Yet, the male counterpart  - Peter Cox, could also identify as the mystery being himself. It’s a beautiful expression of longing and attempting to make the best out of the unknown and the longing to know for certain what is real and what is imaginative.

Asking the longing, never-ending questions, “Alone In the Universe” is a more serious-mannered song, tending to the nature of human beings versus other walks of life… or if there should be any at all. The echoed quality of the production, along with the deeper male voice offers a more reflective view of the song’s message. It also goes a little deeper, turning the tables back on our own human ways – asking “What if”?... of a utopian way of life. The effectiveness of this piece has much to do with the melancholy nature of the ballad.

“Fifth Dimension” acts as the bridge of the album in many ways. Not only is it a strict instrumental piece, it too does not vary much in the structure of the song. Although, the song does have a slight roller-coaster feel to it. as the beginning starts slow with a piano note and fading sound, it builds gradually to a guitar solo that plays throughout. Meanwhile, “Non Carbon Life Form” is a blend of keyboard synthesizer and brief spoken-word curiosity of the appearance of a certain specimen, as the guitar glides on through.

“The Men in Black” shifts back to Nakoma Z. She eerily sings of how someone stumbles across what they are not supposed to know. Now, ‘the men in black’ must take care of the individual if he or she should speak a word of what they’ve seen. But, the light piano along the track is slightly misleading distracting from the tone of how she is ordering the person to be assured not to speak or risk serious consequences of the ‘men in black’.

“Atomic Eight” is a twist in the album that still alludes to the spacetime theme of the record, with ever-so-slight feedback vocals, but, there is a harmonious blend too between the progressive-rock sound of the guitar and a jazz-like feel to the track as well. It is a soothing instrumental piece that calms the listener’s mind. “First Contact” is based on the amazing energy of the ‘first contact’ with a supposed alien and then that said ‘alien’ starts explaining the reasons behind her extreme exhilaration of those feelings. All this while the start and finish of the song’s sound, sounds much like a slot machine reel at each end of this rock n’ roll record.

The finale piece, “We Come in Peace,” is probably the most tongue-in-cheek and contradicting piece of the album. “We come in peace. We come to rule your world. Just get down on your knees.” So goes the line in the song, so is the assumption of what a higher intelligent life form might practice on us, should that kind of day ever rear its disturbing head. But, it also does speak to the ease, willingness, and gullibility of many persons in the modern world as well. We are often so easily influenced and convinced of what we are read, told, and ‘suggested’ to do at times; that it could very well be speaking to us in a contemporary light.

Out There offers a combination of action-packed, comic book imagery, along with surprise hints of pop-up styles inside the effects of progressive-rock. “Atomic Eight’s” sparks of jazz horns act almost a reprieve from the interstellar adventure the listener is sent on. “The Men in Black” meanwhile offer a theatrical pop perspective with notes of singer-songwriter/Americana vibes.

Key tracks: “Anyone out There,” “Fifth Dimension,” “Atomic Eight,” “The Men in Black.”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
February 22, 2021

Track Listing:

01. Anyone out There?
02. Face of the Unknown
03. Mysterious Light Being
04. Alone in the Universe
05. Fifth Dimension
06. Non Carbon Life Form
07. The Men in Black
08. Atomic Eight
09. First Contact
10. We Come in Peace


Rock Review: Tim Morse-The Archaeology Project

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: 2020 Tim Morse 


Typically, I see the word ‘compilation’ in music and I overlook every part of it, often because it signifies “Greatest Hits” or “Best Of.” And as a writer, I usually want more than just the hits of someone because the hidden gems are found outside of the singles. Plus, if you find a song apart from the singles, you don’t grow tired of it as quickly because it does not frequent the radio as promotional singles do. In this case, the compilation of The Archaeology Project by Tim Morse is excellent in presenting a timeline of his work.

With no definitive reason for releasing this record, Morse says,” It seemed like a good time to reflect on the last fifteen years of being a recording artist.” Reflection can be a good way to spark that new creative edge. “Guitar Etude 1” roots from his very first song so, it seems fitting that the bit piece starts off the record. 

“Apocalyptic Visions” is a three-part song that is his longest piece to date. AV is a blend where the keyboard sounds much like an intergalactic travel scene, followed by what could sound like a take from a 90’s Alternative group like Good Charlotte blending with a speed-metal song cut, and ending with a mix of peaceful chime and keyboard but also going back to the powerhouse guitar playing. “Adrift” is a self-reflective journey piece that initially was just an instrumental work for the longest while.

“Rome” contains a Shakespearean-type of imagery that plays to the advantage of the artist and genre quite well. It is the epitome of an epic tale. “The sky is burning. Nero plays on….” Is the perfect symbolism for today’s pop culture/political chaos while giving a temporary historical lesson too. “Voyager,” according to Morse, was “inspired by the Berg and his book on the Lindbergh historic flight.” It is a mainly wondrous instrumental track that takes to new heights.

“Window” winds the first half of the record down with this soothing guitar piece that was thought of as a segue for his prior album Faithscience. The short track calms the listener’s ear down and prepares them, for more to come. “Afterword” keeps with the more melancholy tone but, not for the reasons you may think. Instead of saying goodbye to a love or a relationship of sorts, it’s the foundation for new beginnings moving forward and a reflection of events gone by.

“200 Yards” is a funny ‘crush-gone-wrong’ song that Morse says is the first-time-ever collaboration between him and Bret Bingham on Mangoes. The very tongue-in-cheek, watcher song, is a fun session Morse and Bingham created to simply make music. “My Ally” talks of a friendship that has lasted through the ages. I think it’s THE song I or anyone could connect with so deeply because, as an overly open and friendly person, to begin with, I love the multitude of reasons certain people come into your lives. Friendship is so much more than just a bond, it’s an experience like none other.

“Inertia” is a funky psychedelic feeling song that as the song plays out, causes an expansion of sorts. It crescendos into a musical spacetime continuum. “The Mary Celeste” speaks of the sudden loss all of us experience at one point or another. The hurt is so grand, and sometimes it is impossible to deal with moving forward, we remain still for a while, “lost at sea.”

“The Marquis” is the sign we all read in our own minds in one form or another. We over-analyze our certain actions to which we question if it could’ve been worked out differently, or if it was the correct plan of action in the first place. But the marquis is always hovering above our mind trying to intimidate us to keep on questioning ourselves. 

Originally done by Pink Floyd, “Dogs” was a long desired song to cover for Morse and by molding the song to his artistry, he molds it into more of a singer-songwriter style than its original predecessor. In finalizing the record, “The Corners” is a cleverly-placed track to end out The Archaeology Project. It is a beautifully orchestrated piece representing the excitement to see what lies beyond our lives here on earth.

Key Tracks: “My Ally,” “Rome,” “Dogs,” and “Afterword”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
February 14, 2021

Track Listing:
01. Guitar Etude 1 Dec. 1970
02. Apocalyptic Visions
03. Adrift
04. Rome
05. Voyager
06. Window
07. Afterword
08. 200 Yards
09. My Ally
10. Inertia
11. Mary Celeste
12. The Marquis
13. Dogs
14. The Corners


Blues Review: Robin Trower, Livingstone Brown, & Maxi Priest-United State of Mind

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: 2020 Manhaton Records  


The ultimate trio – Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, and Livingstone Brown, teams up to bring forth United State of Mind. The album projects a blend of Reggae and Blues that emboldens the title of the record as “United.” Having worked with Maxi Priest and Robin Trower both on an individual basis, Livingstone Brown finally brought the trio together to create this 9-track masterpiece. Browne provided the studio space and engineering skills, as well as some of the instrumentation. Meanwhile, Maxi Priest lent his vocals as Trower plays through with his sleek, smooth stylings.

The album begins with the title track, “United State of Mind,” which separates itself from much of the rest of the record. The premier track, maintains a more upbeat, faster sound, with melodramatic lyrics whereas the rest of the tracks, apart from “On Fire Like Zsa Zsa,” carry the opposite effect. The sound and tempo are distinguishingly slower and more relaxed, while the lyrics often offer an introspective feel and message or a positive outlook. Regardless of the concept surrounding each track, it is far from your typical Blues record. The fusion of two genres appeals to the typical Blues connoisseur’s yearning for a new and different sound.

“Are We Just People” is the most thought-provoking piece of the album. It asks the age-old questions we as humans often wonder but, we cannot begin to comprehend what the answers could honestly entail. “Should we just keep pushing? I’m thinking I should take some time…begs the continuum question, how far, is too far? And what is it, that we ultimately want to uncover? On the flipside, “ Hand to the Sky” lights up United State of Mind as it speaks of rejuvenation, rebirth; and lifting the spirit of the audience.

The continuation of newness and rebirth continues on “Good Day.” And you might think to yourself…”I thought this was ‘Blues’?” Well, yes it is, however, Blues can also paint pictures and tell stories rather than just concentrate on the negative and sadness of a life or situation. This song, expresses just how much 24 hours can change a man and his mindset. Following up, “On Fire Like Zsa Zsa” is a cool track with a wicked game to play. This woman ‘Zsa Zsa’ will wrap you up in her clutches if you don’t know how to play her game to your advantage.

We come back down from our feel-good, jam tracks, to discover “Bring It All Back to You.” This piece yearns to make things right with a former lover and even the attempt to talk things out seems to slip the singer up. Combine the struggling lyricism with the emphasis on Trower’s gliding staccato-like guitar structure, you get a soothing but heart-aching composition. “Walking Wounded” follows suit in its painful emotion. If the title wasn’t enough to show you, how quickly on a dime, emotions can flip. Sit and listen to how he comes to an understanding that some situations just cannot be fixed.

On the final two tracks, “Sunrise Revolution” is all about being on this quest for answers and truth. And the singer’s answer is in-fact a ‘sunrise revolution’, to shine a light on deceit and the right and clear intentions of so many in our lives; both of powerful and common-man. Then, rounding out the album, “Where Our Love Came From,” is a short mission to get back to a place of stability and order from the singer’s point-of-view in a relationship of his. Whether it is past or present is unclear, but the track does well in not saying too much and leading out with a cool, tender guitar solo that gradually decrescendos in the listener’s ear.

Key Tracks include: “Are We Just People,” “Good Day,” “On Fire Like Zsa Zsa” and “United State of Mind.”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
February 5, 2021

Track Listing:

01. United State of Mind
02. Are We Just People
03. Hand to the Sky
04. Good Day
05. On Fire Like Zsa Zsa
06. Bring it All Back to You
07. Walking Wounded
08. Sunrise Revolution
09. Where Our Love Came From



Rock Review: Albert Bouchard- Re Imaginos

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Label: 2020 RockHeart Records / Deko


Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Frontman Albert Bouchard for the legendary rock band Blue Oyster Cult returns to the spotlight on his own to share a record of his solo ventures. Re Imaginos puts to work an element of the band combined with original soothing guitar riffs and piano melodies that provide a unique twist on the Blue Oyster Cult sound but, allow Bouchard to shine on his own. This comes as Albert and his brother Joe Bouchard, release the record through his new imprint label, RockHeart Records / Deko Entertainment. The album is Albert’s reimagining of the 1988 Blue Öyster Cult release, Imaginos, which was originally intended as Albert’s solo album.

Re Imaginos starts with the alluring and outright obvious signaling of “I Am the One You Warned Me Of.” The song’s initial lead-in gets the listener in a head-bobbing, rhythmic good mood. That is, even if the song is hinting that the person is hinting at a hidden agenda or personality that was previously unsuspected. “Del Rio Song” is the main song that harkens back to the former Blue Oyster Cult classic sound. The song mirrors the sound of the classic “Burning for You,” sending the listener into a frenzy of nostalgia and enjoyment of the cool, smoothness of the track overall.

We venture into more melodramatic territory on “In the Presence of Another World.” The song avails to the strong piano-structured intro, into a powerful but constant guitar pattern that is borderline repetitious as it moves forward. While the sound is calming and enjoyable, it does begin to seem prolonged and invariable, once the mid-point second verse concludes. Venturing forward, track four, is a curious track that gives off a storybook, fable-themed sound. From the title of the track to the frequent religious references, it acts as a wonderful mystical piece for the listener to get lost within.

The wild-wild-west comes through upon “Girl That Love Made Blind.” As Bouchard recounts of a far-off, distant memory of Christmas, the girl is the center of the holiday season where he danced his heart away that night. As this soft, light song plays out, the reminiscence of him longing for that same companionship further on. The following number, “Astronomy,” makes the midpoint of the record and a re-recording of Blue Oyster Cult’s single on the Secret Treaties album. It is an illustrative tale of the wonders of space mixed with a wish of one last venture with this girl Susie who is on her way to starting her life on her own, married and complete.

The title track “Imaginos” is a continuation of Bouchard’s mysticism. The themes of ever changing life and decay, as well as, nomadic-like movement are are ways of imagining the touch-and-go-sense of nature and the human world. “Gil Blanco County,” tells of this wondrous place that nature is vast and there is a sense of openness that the typical city-life does not contain. “Blue Oyster Cult” is a funky jam tune to pay homage to the group that made Bouchard the musical phenomenon he is today. “The Oyster boys are swimming now,” make it sound as though there is this revival in the work of sorts, of which listeners can interpret to their pleasure. This is followed by a powerful guitar riff which blasts the song and audience into a midpoint rock n’ roll frenzy.

Closing out the album, “Black Telescope” is a grand wordplay trickery song. As though a sailor is making up a voyager’s song, it tells of the many ways and types of visions differing creatures may take up the sight of their world around them. “Magna of Illusion” is a tale of what could be an event in a time of victorian-era happenings. Whether it be of travel and discovery, or a battle to come, the tune ends with revealing that not all is what it seems; leaving the listener in awe. Finally, “Les Invisibles” is a medieval song that sings of a setup and celebration is put on in this particular story that looks as though, the death of an individual is celebrated.

Key Tracks: “I Am the One You Warned Me Of,” “Girl That Love Made Blind,” “Blue Oyster Cult,” “Black Telescope”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
January 28, 2021


Track Listing:
01. I Am the One You Warned Me Of
02. Del Rio Song
03. In the Presence of Another World
04. Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria
05. Girl That Love Blind
06. Astronomy
07. Imaginos
08. Gil Blanco County
09. Blue Oyster Cult
10. Black Telescope
11. Magna of Illusion
12. Les Invisibles


Contemporary Instrumental (Solo Piano) - Paz Del Castillo-TRES best of…

Release Date: March 21, 2020

Label: Noise of Dreams


Paz Del Castillo is a pianist that records solo instrumental contemporary new age music. Essentially it is a contemporary instrumental collection however it so relaxing and beautiful that a listener can use it for meditation as well. Once you start listening you will understand why.

Her most recent release is titled TRES best of… which consists of thirteen tracks of her solo piano work. What I discovered while listening was how full-bodied and rhythmic each track was. The consistent flow of each track is a strong representation of solo piano work and how authoritative and effective that one instrument can be with the right hands, turning music into magic.
This is excellent solo piano music with three new tracks included.

One of the best examples of that strength is “Cuevas Del Mar” which translates to “my beach-at the north coast-in Asturias.” The track is full of anticipation, excitement, and above all, catchy rhythms that hold your interest from start to finish. That is but one example, and within every track, some or all of those elements will arise to grab your attention.

Paz creates her music working from the solid ground of classical then transforming the compositions to forge ahead and translate to contemporary instrumental which then crosses over to the sub-genre of new age. I hold firm my belief that most of this type of music blossoms from the classic world of instrumentation. It is not hard to recognize if you listen to this type of music all the time.

Besides this compilation Paz Del Castillo makes a triumphant return to her recording career with the newly released single "I Fight." The word fight can have strong implications both negative and positive, my feeling and thoughts after listening, is that the message was very positive and the music says that loud and clear.

The album closes out with “Lo Quo Se De MI CD-S4QT,” translated it means “What I know about myself,” which serves as an introspective track.

TRES best of…  will deliver the message the artist is conveying and allow each listener to attain a level of peace and relaxation, or meditation if needed. This is music that has many uses and I think it could easily serve as soundtrack music for video and or films. The fact that there are no words gives it a distinct advantage over music with lyrics to think about.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
January 24, 2021


01. Bolinas (“Moods for Piano”) 02.42 ( A little village at San Francisco California, where I recorded my 1st Album
02. Latiendo (“Eleven Drops”) 04.48 (a heart beat-that keeps beating after difficulties)
03. El abrazo del mar (“Eleven Drops”) 04.07 (the embrace of the sea)
04. Improvisación sobre las aguas tranquilas (“Eleven Drops”) 04.29 Improvisation about calm river)
05. Sobre el Cabo de Mar ( “Now” ) 2.40 (About a beautiful Cape over the cliffs in the north coast of Spain)
06. Unchain me ( “Now” )  04.16
07. Cuevas del Mar (“Moods for Piano”) 04.14 ( my beach-At the north coast-In Asturias)
08. Mother ( “Now” ) 06.05 (for my mother, my essence)
09 Tom ( “Now” ) 03.14
10. Hymn ( “Now” ) 04.28
11. Erase una vez una doncella…. (new) 03.17 (once upon a Maiden, about a medieval history)
12 Vals for the Good people 03.13
13. Lo que se de mí ( new) 06.36 ( What I know about myself, and introspective track)


Rock Review: The Catholic Girls-Rock N’ Roll School For Girls

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Label: JSP Records


Hailing from my home state of New Jersey, The Catholic Girls burst onto the rock n’ roll scene in the early ‘80s. Causing all kinds of controversy and uproar in their music, the group never really gained national momentum. However, they were able to garner enough attention along the coast and turn heads. Even the catholic church within Rhode Island decided to ban them from performing at several functions. Rock n’ Roll School For Girls finds root in the modern era that could prepare this band for an epic revitalization of their lifetime.

The Catholic Girls pack a wild punch in this remastered collection of provocative hits. They return more than 15 years later from their last release, to reintroduce themselves to the masses that the world was possibly not ready for. In a not-so-politically-correct, modern world; the band may have more success amongst varying age groups who align with angst-like, rebellion rock. On this two-disc album, essentially many of the songs represent a topic to which is breaking stereotype concepts or causing mayhem.

The consistent theme throughout the album is front-woman Gail Petersen’s distinct style. She makes her mark by emoting her voice in such a manner that gives off much of the same mystique as Stevie Nicks. Starting off the album, disc one is loaded with demo records that made their way into the group’s mainstay discography. Then, disc 2 offers a slew of remixed editions of the prior disc. Both track listings also incorporate a number of new music singles.

See, this band knows how to play up satirical themes, from the threat of schooling that plagued the singer’s home life growing up, to failed relationships and just being flat out wild and reckless. Songs like
“Grounded” and “Grand Theft Auto” are two examples of the bombastic flare that play through much of the first set of the tracklisting. As both of the discs play through, the latter half of the music, a more solemn tone is felt within the album. Emotions rise on tracks such as, “You Let Me Down” and “Should’ve Been Mine” offers a difference in mellow manners. One song is more powerful and utilizes Petersen’s vocal style to her advantage while the latter is a more lyrically somber and plainer sound that shows less is indeed more.

Showcasing their broad discography, this album acts as a reintroduction to a three decade’s worth of bad timing but, amazing talent. These girls know how to mix the flare of rock n’ roll with humor and contradiction to the normal ways of thinking on a particular subject. It seems that traveling through time, forty years down the line just might have its advantages when it comes to The Catholic Girls re-emergence.

Key tracks include: “Grounded,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “God Made You for Me,” and “Down At the Shore.”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
January 21, 2021

Track Listing
Disc 1:
01. Private School (1981)
02. Grounded (1980)
03. Summer Boy (1980)
04. Dancing on the 44 (1980)
05. Rock’n Roll School for Girls (1980)
06. Somebody in the USA (1980)
07. Grand Theft Auto (1979)
08. Young Boys (1980)
09. Where Did I Go Wrong (1981)
10. Boys Can Cry (1981)
11. Broken Record (1981)
12. You Let Me Down (1981)
13. C’est Impossible (1981)
14. Someone New (1981)
15. Rock’n America (1983)
16. If No One Fell in Love (2000)
17. It Doesn’t Become You (1984)
18. No One Like You (1983)
19. I Was A Lady (2001)
20. Night Shift (The New Jersey Song) [Alternate 2003]
21. Just Before Nightfall (Live at President’s Palace, 1979)

Disc 2:
01. Someone New
02. C’est Impossible
03. A Boy for Me
04. Where Did I Go Wrong
05. You Let Me Down
06. Private School
07. Boys Can Cry
08. God Made You for Me
09. The Only One
10. Make Me Believe
11. Niagara Falls
12. Should Have Been Mine
13. If I Hadn’t Loved You
14. Some Boys
15. Manderlay
16. Shame On You
17. Kiss Me One More Time
18. Down at the Shore
19. Without a Country
20. Somebody Better Get a Room


Track Feature: The Song Gardeners - Warrior Light

The Song Gardeners have once again graced our presence with another single release titled "Warrior of Light."

Once again featured on the track singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn (vocals, piano, guitar), singer/songwriter Mary Gospe (vocals, guitar, percussion), and Chris Day (bass).

Mary sings "Activate the love inside, be a warrior, a warrior of light." This is very spiritual and positive for us all to take to heart. It goes along with the saying "Kill them with kindness." That kind of approach helps people drop their guard and open up to another viewpoint.

This is not a protest song by any means however it does point to the media and the lies both sides have been telling us all along to support their agendas. That is one simple fact that most people do realize. So the message is to be true to yourself and picking a side is not part of the equation. Travel your purposeful path and you will reach the desired destination. The truth shall be revealed if you listen to your inner voice which is a "go with your gut" attitude that cannot miss.

I for one loved the song, lyrics, and the premise of why it was recorded.


Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

The Song Gardener's Media Page:

Visit The Song Gardener's Website:

The Song Gardeners is a musical trio from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn (vocals, piano, guitar), singer/songwriter Mary Gospe (vocals, guitar, percussion), and Chris Day(bass). 

Their original songs are filled with positive, empowering messages and beautiful harmonies.


Blues Review: Junior Wells-Blues Brothers

Release Date: November 6, 2020

Label: 2020 Cleopatra Blues


The blues is quite possibly THE genre that is one-hundred percent raw emotion. Given its title, not only is it a solemn color, but it also represents intensity and how the artist might harness that intensity to symbolize their hurt or sorrow. Junior Wells, a pioneer in his time, spent over 40 years crafting his style and paving the way with a “blues-harp” style. This newly remastered collection of Wells’ recordings along with some of the greatest blues guitarists of our current generation. Blues Brothers is a grand ode to the talent and legacy that sadly Junior Wells left for us in 1998.

“Blues Hit Big Town” is a calm introduction that allows the listener to sway into the beat of the music and get them acquainted with the vocal stylings of Mr. Wells. It sets the table for what awaits the listener throughout the record. Sliding into the next track, the fun commences with a jive-sounding, tongue-in-cheek, “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” which is a funky bass-induced piece.

“Messin’ With the Kid” sounds like old times, trying to tune radios to the right station to avoid the most static. But, that static and raspiness is what brings the element of flashback and former city-street vibe of jazz and big-band, bluesy culture. “Scratch My Back” starts off sounding very much like the wild-wild-west but, then progresses into a lively and exciting dialogue, while at the same time keeping steady with a mid-tempo vibe to try to entice his love interest in a little bit of a rendezvous of sorts.

We come back down as listeners a bit, as “Worried Life Blues” acts as the bridge between the first and second half of the album. Wells is clearly swooning over someone either he had or someone of whom has since departed from his life in some capacity. Picking up the rear of track five, “When the Cat’s Gone” is a slick, short,  fun song that brings up the imagery… at least to me, of Tom and Jerry. “Lovey Dovey” is a pure, feel-good moment in the record that reminds us that the blues, while often dealing with sorrow or hurt, has its moments of complete opposite effect in positivity. Rather, it just utilizes the same technique as it’s somber counterparts.

“You Got to Love Her with a Feeling” might be the lowest point of the record as it seems to be the most traditional style of blues rhythm and overall tone. “Two-Headed Woman” is a rush of questioning the singer questioning the woman in his life because of her split personality but, he puts up with it because to him “there’s nothing we can do about it. “Snatch It Back” is a snappy jive that sounds much like a 60s dance move or that of which the song might be a dance number through the entire song.

Upon the end of the album, “You Don’t Care” is a dismissive song of used-to-be friends or partners of what sounds to be like a disagreement or cheating scandal between them gone wrong. With both parties telling each other off, adhering to their motives and feelings alone, they “don’t care” how the other person now is dealing with the aftermath. “It’s a Man Down There” is alluding to how the singer perceives that another man might be living amongst the underworld because of a nefarious deed. But, he just doesn’t know for certain if it is.

“Hoodoo Man Blues” is a nice wind-down song to end out the album. It is an overall instrumental piece that soothes the listener’s ear. The track’s sudden divergent rifts within points of the song provide a little jolt of excitement within the overall relaxation of the piece.

Key Tracks include: “Two Headed Woman,”Messin’ With the Kid,” “It’s A Man Down There.”

Gregg Keniston - Staff
January 12, 2021

Track Listing:

01. Blues Hit Big Town (feat. Colin James)
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (feat. Pat Travers)
03. Messin’ With the Kid (feat. Tyler Bryant)
04. Scratch My Back (feat. Albert Castiglia)
05. Worried Life Blues (feat. Mike Zito & James Montgomery)
06. When the Cat’s Gone (feat. Harvey Mandel)
07. Lovey Dovey (feat. Eric Gales)
08. You Gotta Love Her with a Feeling (feat. Kirk Fletcher)
09. Two Headed Woman (feat.Guitar Shorty)
10. Snatch It Back and Hold (feat. Joe Louis Walker)
11. You Don’t Care (feat. Popa Chubby)
12. It’s A Man Down There (feat. Bernard Allison)
13. Hoodoo Man Blues (feat. Joe Louis Walker)


Instrumental Progressive Ambient Review: Green Isac Orchestra-b a r (140 gram vinyl LP)

Release Date: September 15, 2020

Label: Spotted Peccary



My only regret after hearing the most recent Green Isac Orchestra’s release b a r, is that I did not discover them years ago! This is some of the most creative and color progressive instrumental ambient music I have heard in some time. I had the pleasure of hearing it for the first time on 140 gram vinyl.

Morten Lund and Andreas Eriksen were together know as Green Isac for 25 years as a duo only, until the Green Isac collaboration expanded to a five member ensemble and rechristened themselves Green Isac Orchestra in 2015. bar is their second release as a quintet.

There is never a dull moment on b a r, in fact, this is full of brilliantly executed compositions. The operative words here is “creative” and “expansive.”

“Volcanic” starts things off and the title is very descriptive of what you will hear to get your heart pumping and your imagination kicked into high gear. It comes in just shy of a healthy 8 minutes of instrumental bliss starting off with ambient texture and building into a volcanic eruption of sounds. The track ebbs and flows between power and softer moments provided by the cello then it switches back to that colorful blasts of passion and sound. I do not think there could have been a better track on the album to get things started. When you look and see six tracks your first impression may be that is not many however you can take my word for it, it more than fills both side of the 140 gram vinyl.

“Le Grand Sportif” is 7+ minutes and it begins with a spacey intro into nice keyboard work allowing for a minimalist approach to introduce the cello. The track engages you and is in a continual evolving cycle that can be fascinating. Some good percussive sounds push it to another level as it moves closer to the end before closing out.

“With Hat” is shorter journey at 3:25 with orchestral sounds of the cello leading the way then a heavy drone like sound comes in sounding like a powerful but suggestive hammer then the gentler part of song is ushered in with an emphasis on the synths. The track has some very strong progressive movements that would please any instrumental music listener.

Side B opens with “Don Progini” (note the last name) letting us all know if we already didn’t that this is definitely progressive music! There are some interesting changes going on in this track and so many sounds converging into a blossoming full sound taking advantage of all the tools at their disposal, the band makes sure you are still paying attention. The keyboards reminded me of Tubular Bells.

“Aarwaaken” comes in over 6 minutes and starts with a spacey/spooky synth with a world edge provided by the percussive elements then it morphs for a very short period over to classical path. Mind melting synths arrive to give it that sci-fi feel as well to keep things interesting. The only way to describe this masterful composition is to call it acoustic-progressive-ambient with a classical underpinning.

“Without Hat” closes the curtain on this aural journey starting with a guitar, which was different in comparison to all the other tracks. Various synths are the building blocks of the track and it provides excitement and leads the listener to a colorful ending to close out the album.

Why stay the same is the mantra for b a r and that works very well for this excellent recording. They never do the same thing twice and that is what makes b a r  so enjoyable and something you will want to hear more than once.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-TFOV Founder

January 3, 2021

Track List:

Side A:
1. Volcanic
2. Le Grand Sportif
3. With Hat

Side B:
4. Don Progini
5. Aarwaaken
6. Without Hat


Jazz Review: Charu Suri-The New American Songbook EP

Release Date: December 20, 2019

Label: Amala Records


If it has been a while since you heard some great jazz, specifically with piano as the main instrument, and a gorgeous female voice, then I have found one artist you simply need to hear now. Her name is Charu Suri and with her latest EP The New American Songbook, she makes quite a musical  statement.

Charu is the first female Indian American jazz composer to premiere work at Carnegie Hall. Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five and performing since the age of nine. She won an international piano competition at the age of 15. When you start in music that young, there is ample time to develop and certainly in this instance all those years have paid an enormous number of dividends.

Danielle Erin Rhodes’ voice is perfect and she can get so high and clear; is the vocal instrument on display with all the music, particularly Charu’s exceptional piano, accompanying her that puts the finishing touch on every track. Even though you may only get four tracks, it is very satisfying, and this could be the taste of what is to come. If that is the case, I look forward to an entire album of music and vocalizations like those on The New American Songbook.

The track “A Little Joy,” is made for the Holiday Season and was just released on YouTube, and will be on Spotify on January 30th. This is the kind of music people need to hear now and not because it is great music with a soothing beautiful voice getting you some comfort, it is all about having just a little joy, maybe for the length of the song or for Christmas. Whatever you are going through right now, this will offer a few moments in time to get into another space.

The New American Songbook and Charu Suri will take you back to a time when there were so many amazing jazz musicians and singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Speaking of the blues, Charu does get “Bluesy” on the ivory keys, and you can feel the emotion of Danielle’s vocals taking hold of you. It is the best track on the EP and one I will never forget.

The New American Songbook
is a recording that lovers of jazz, blues, and holiday music will want to hear.  

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
December 16, 2020

Track List:
1. Seasons        
2. Bluesy        
3. It's the Simple Things
4. A Little Joy

"Nights to Remember" Is The Second Insight Into Morpheus Project's Debut Album


Mustafa Khetty is a composer already making quite the name for himself in the industry. A true asset to the Prog and Classical music world, he steps into a new musical venture called Morpheus Project. At his most creative, Morpheus Project draws musical influences from as far afield as the Far East and South America. Back with second single under the new project, "Nights to Remember" gives a bright insight to a fantastic debut album ahead. Out around the end of January, early February, the debut is set to cover all of Mustafa's influences and escape mainstream music. 

Coated in a complex soundscape that sits somewhere between hard rock and progressive rock, this prog rock frenzy features Onur Çobanoğlu's angst ridden vocals and Emircan Ünsev and Arda Keremoğlu's epic guitar playing. Merging moods, emotions, rhythmic patterns and harmonic layers to covey the track's intense arrangement, Mustafa illuminates a stroke of world music within his sound. A creative spirit who's simply a force to be reckoned with within the prog world, Morpheus Project could easily be the next asset to the world of prog.


Pop-R&B Review: Sam Wilder-Homebound

Release Date: October 16, 2020

Label: Spin Move Records


Sam Wilder’s recent release Homebound will raise some eyebrows in the music industry and capture many listeners. Like the saying goes “No risk, no reward.” Wilder stepped out and took a big chance to change his life’s path forever.

He decided to choose the title because he left his home in the Netherlands to go to Los Angeles to find his path in music. Like everyone else, he is missing his family during these lock down times.

As things turned out when he got to LA, he was immediately on the fast track to success taking his many talents to the studio to create radio-ready music for the masses.

Sam’s natural talents become evident in the eight tracks offered on the EP. “Overtime,” is a great tune featuring glossy pop and beats to keep you in a steady groove. And it is good, no, actually better than some of the crap out there they decided to call music. “Penelope” and “Bring It Home (feat. Livy Lee)” also shines the light on this progressing talent.

Everything about Homebound says “Play me” and for good reason. The music is keeping right in step with what you will hear on any platform in 2020. The catchy hooks and Sam’s high vocalizations move each song right to the heart of any listener. The combination of Pop and R & B brings out all the talent this young man has to offer in all eight tracks. The only difference is that he is not on the same playlist as pop divas like Katy Perry etc. Perhaps that can all change if his music makes it to the right people in the industry. He is good enough to break it big.

I enjoy listening to artists like Sam Wilder and bringing attention to all the talent on display on Homebound. It is interesting how eight tracks are considered an EP and back in the day of The Beatles for instance, when they were pumping out 4 or 5 albums a year, it would be an entire album. Now today a full album is at least 12 tracks or more.

Regardless of these facts, Sam Wilder has made his musical statement on Homebound and it will be heard. The talent of this young man is obvious and the potential is limitless. One listen to this album proves that. The purpose and intent is clear, Sam is here to stay and he has an amazing future in front of him.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
December 13, 2020

Track List:

1. Fiending    
2. What's Wrong With Me        
3. Set You Off        
4. Overtime
5. Sunlight        
6. Without        
7. Penelope    
8. Bring It Home (feat. Livy Lee) [Explicit]


World Instrumental Guitar Review: Kiko Barriuso-6 Stringed Music

Release Date: October, 22, 2020

Label: Independent


Kiko Barriuso is a six-string guitar maestro on his most recent, and seventh proper recording, titled 6 Stringed Music. It does not get any more straightforward than that when it comes to album titles. There are no hidden meanings, riddles, or something that needs to be interpreted. Born in Madrid Spain in 1978, he started with the piano at a young age then gravitated towards the guitar.

After translating Spanish to English on his Bandcamp page this is the overview I got of the album:
6 Stringed Music is a collection of instrumental songs in a world music style. All instruments have been played and programmed by Kiko Barriuso (except where indicated). acoustic guitar mainly, although other types of guitars appear (12 strings, electric ...).

What you are promised is a wide variety of styles and approaches. And that is exactly what you get. I must say straight away that I loved this right from the first note to the end. I have many reasons, first of course is his excellent command of the six-string, the eclectic tracks, and most importantly respect for the level of difficulty of not only playing the guitar incredibly well but venturing into a worldly journey of exploration of sounds. The tracks burst with electric energies and all colors of the musical spectrum.

“Entre Dos Tierras” is a fantastic journey of the acoustic guitar. It is played with style and grace and the full impact and generosity of the varying degrees of sound are appreciated by this listener. “Pisando Un Nuevo Suelo” starts with a nice ambient atmosphere then explodes into some magnificent electric guitar lines. Previous to that you will experience all-acoustic playing and would likely expect more of the same after looking at the album cover as well. It was a nice surprise for my listening tastes as he still played with exceptional precision and grace.

You will find out very quickly that Kiko knows how to make an impact with the guitar regardless if it is acoustic or electric or influenced by another country besides his own. That thought process for me gives even more credence to his ability and amazing talent.

“Un Toque Español” starts and I am wondering if he is going to jump into his full version of “Classical Gas.” The track never reaches that crescendo of emotion and lightning speed playing, instead what you get is a gorgeously short Spanish-influenced acoustic instrumental that ends way too soon. And that is meant strictly as a compliment to how much I appreciated the composition.

“Vuelo Nocturno” is another track filled with worldly delights and sounds. It is one of the highlights of the recording with layers of sounds added to support his guitar presentation. The intermingling of the layers of sounds suits the playing quite well and the result is a richly flavored freshly brewed instrumental gem. I bet you thought I was going to say something about coffee? Well, the comparison is there as a fresh cup of coffee from the finest beans in the world has no comparison, unless you are playing guitar while you’re drinking it, in this instance, it all applies.

Just to make sure he covers all the ground possible; he ends the album with the “Sueño Oriental,” which runs over 7 minutes. On this track you get the best of both worlds, Kiko plays acoustic and electric. The wonder of layering music is a beautiful thing. It is the most progressive and complicated track you will hear.

I think “Closing Time” should have been the last track, it seems appropriate but there is nothing ordinary or anticipatory about any of this music. You just have to wait to see what is next. That is the kind of recording I can appreciate the most.

Kiko Barriuso is a six-string conjurer on 6 Stringed Music. The beauty of the instrument and the lands the music is derived from is a tasty instrumental treat you should not miss. The is the art of music in full bloom and seen through the eyes of one talented man. I cannot wait to see where he goes from here!

Note: For Those of you that do not speak Spanish, I asked Kiko to translate the tracks to English.

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
December 5, 2020 

Track List:
01. Claro Que Si 03:10 (Yes Of Course)
02. Semilla De Amor 03:43 (Love Seed)
03. A Través Del Tiempo 02:54 (Throughout Time)
04. Entre Dos Tierras 04:21 (Between Two Lands)
05. Still Missing You 03:48
06. Pisando Un Nuevo Suelo 04:09 (Stepping On A New Ground)
07. Sensaciones 03:19 (Sensations)
O8. Un Toque Español 03:11 (A Spanish Touch)
09. Vuelo Nocturno 02:57 (Night Flight)
10. Never Ending Winter 02:55
11. A Change of The Seasong 03:17
12. Closing Time 02:27
13. Sueño Oriental 07:17 (Oriental Dream)


Rock-Pop Review: Denoven-Retrofuturism

Release Date: October 9, 2020

Label: TimeArt Recordings


If you remember the 80s and the music that was being played then you will love Retrofuturism from the artist known as Denoven. Straight away one of your first thoughts will be this is one of those uncovered gems that never got released. The process of putting it together started in 2018 and was completed this year. The album showcases one hell of a tight band and a lady with an incredible voice that goes up to 5 octaves, which is extremely rare.

Notably, tracks are featuring Pat Kelley and Mike Miller on guitar with the masterfully effective synth work by Denoven and commanding vocals. Other players in her band that you will recognize are the incredible Vinnie Colaiuta on drums with Neil Steubenhaus on bass.

So, if you are ready to rock and think of days gone by, this will do it for you and then some. So here we go into the music time machine…

If you can remember the days of dancing “Body to Body” or you are doing it now in your social distanced bubble then good for you! Here is some music that will keep those eternal embers burning. Although I think the song is about what happens after the dance.

“Just Wanna Love You” is one of my favorites, it features a band in sync and reminds me of the 80s and Friday nights dancing in San Francisco. It put a smile in my heart and soul. It is perfect for the period. Denoven’s voice is sultry smooth and very emotive albeit sexy. The point gets across loud and clear. There are some great background vocals and a cut like a new razor lead guitar three-quarters of the way through as the track gets closer to the end.

The quirky “Make Up Your Mind” takes you down another path, this time the progressive lane as mentioned on the website one sheet, it is “odd meter.” This proved to be the outright talent this band has and their ability to change it up so fast.

The ballad “Never Goes Away” would have been a hit back in the 80s and actually, it sounded timeless to me and it is a hit at any time on my radio dial. This was excellent musicianship and vocals on display. I found a lot of appreciation for what was being offered. Similarly, and more of a rocker, “Out of My Head,” is a reminder of the days when hormones were raging and the power of youth took complete control of your mind and body. And another great guitar lick comes front and center around three quarters into the track, putting the rocker stamp on it for good. In the end, Denoven lets her 5-octave vocals close out the track. Wow, what a finale that was!

“Radioactive” sounds radio ready and a sure-fire hit in the top forty in the 80s. This music may be close to four decades removed from now but today I enjoyed it as much as I would have then. That says it all for this music lover.

Retrofuturism is a solid group of tracks and the title befits the music, you have my guarantee. Are you ready to rock into the 80s again or maybe for the first time? Here comes Denoven!

Keith “MuzikMan” Founder
November 17, 2020

Track List:
01. Out of My Head 3:28                                 
02. Words in the Dark 3:48                           
03. Make Up Your Mind 4:01                           
04. Radioactive 4:02                                    
05. Who Do You Know 3:10                            
06. Body to Body 4:15                                 
07. You’re Someone I Could Know 4:13         
08. Hot as Ice 4:02                                            
09. Just Wanna Love You 3:35                      
10. Never Goes Away 4:14   


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