Folk-Rock Review: Lindsey Saunders

Release Date: October 5, 2012
Label: Indie

Lindsey Saunders made a real impact on the 2013 national indie music scene after releasing her debut EP Nothing Normalin October 2012 at the age of 18. Nearly two years later the EP still resonates with incredible energy and validity. When you look at that engaging smile and those big blue eyes, Saunders looks like the girl next door but trust me, she is much more than that.

After listening to this amazing 5 song EP I can assure you there is Nothing Normal about this young lady. Her talent for singing a tune and spinning a yarn is off the charts good!

Saunders’ acoustic guitar playing is very good and her voice is strong enough to rise above all the music to make it the perfect complement to all the sounds. Essentially what her vocals provide is another instrument to the mix. 
One listen to “Make or Break Us” or a glimpse at the video of the track provided will put everything I have said into proper focus. What a fantastic track! Her voice, the guitar playing and the words pack a knockout punch. One line goes “When did you realize I would be more than you thought I would be?” as she sings to her former lover as he walks off with the new girlfriend. “We're Never Through” sounds like a sequel to that track with the words and music once again making a huge statement.

This is a young lady on a mission with enough fire in her eyes and belly to push any obstacle out of her way to get where she wants to go. There is more fire in her soul than every red hair follicle on her head. I am so impressed with the command she has of her voice and instrument. It blows me away to know she is not a star yet. This EP music puts the multi-million selling crap on the radio to shame.

Lindsey Saunders you have got it going on and people in the music biz better wake up and smell the coffee or you will be known as the big fish that got away. 

4/5 Stars

1.Change My Mind    
2.Take Me Out    
3.Make or Break Us    
4.That Way        
5.We're Never Through

Key Tracks: Make or Break Us, We're Never Through

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Write A Music Reviews Founder

May 9, 2014

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