Andrew Pearson Third International Releasing Live Music and New Download Only Single

Andrew Pearson left England in 1973 and came to the U.S. and never looked back. Since that life changing trip across the Atlantic he has recorded music with his own band and toured alongside luminaries such as Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, Elvin Bishop and Aerosmith.
After many years of honing his skills and paying his dues on the road, Pearson took around 10 years off. After making music his life he then became part of the populace that worked normal jobs on a daily basis. Music kept calling him back and since his return he has released 4 recordings total, most recently a DVD, titled IDES with his band Third International. A new download only single called “Formaldehyde” has been released today as well to prime his audience for an upcoming live DVD.

Pearson lives and breathes the word “Indie.” It is part of his physical, mental and spiritual make up and that is transferred into the words and music he creates. He believes since his return to music, that there is no point in making music unless it has a purpose, a meaning that people can hold on to. His sociopolitical messages are supported by his unique yet expressive vocal style and a psychedelic tinged blues rock sound that takes you back to a simpler time that laid the foundation of all rock music. Do not mistake the music for a throwback type of affair however, everything about it is modern and the production attributes allow it to sound very much today by using blues rock to build waves of sounds and words that will pull you in and make you listen.

A verse from the new single “Formaldehyde” will give you an idea of where Pearson is coming from:

Now I’m feeling the vibrations
Spatial sensations
Of heady aspirations
Compelled emancipation

There is plenty more where that came from and if you enjoyed just a taste you will most certainly require the full course meal. The music of Andrew Pearson Third International can be sampled and ordered directly from the website at www.thethirdinternational.com. As the music and ideas of Pearson take shape and are transformed into music they become reality and find a home on his website then become available through today’s traditional methods of distribution such as iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and of course directly from the artist website. “Formaldehyde” is a download only release.

Andrew Pearson offers more than music, he challenges you listen and take stock of your own life and helps you to decide if you are spending enough time on the things you are passionate about and believe in and then will take a stand and fight for at any cost. Check out Andrew Pearson Third International and find your path to emancipation.

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