New Jersey’s Emerging R&B/Pop Artist Trishna Releases Latest EP “Rise”

Franklin Park, N.J-August 7, 2012-

Trishna is releasing her newest project, Rise. After her first album, Icebreaker, her newest EP delves into riskier music, stories, and styles that are sure to peak listeners’ interests all over the world. Rise is on its way to becoming 2012’s most impactful and effective music. A multilingual artist who comes from a diverse cultural background, Trishna wanted to push the envelope even further with a project that was very edgy and took risks. “ I poured every bit of my music inside of me into this EP. I took more control of this and created its entire world as a whole, writing and arranging every track based on what I saw and felt around me. There are so many colors and moods in this EP, illustrating dark, light, fun, and some unconventional stories that people don’t necessarily describe in music today, but everyone can relate to in some way or another. All I kept thinking was, I need this EP to show off everything I have in me as an artist, but push boundaries.”

Icebreaker showed people the type of influences Indian music drew on while portraying its own unique aspects. Lyrically, it mixed Hindi and English. Rise attempts to show more of what influences just Trishna as a musician beyond that. “I wanted to describe everyday feelings in unique ways with the right music. For example, I grew up surrounded by Spanish culture. I wrote an extremely passionate, almost obsessive song with a few hints of Latin music and lyrics to show how much the Spanish culture influenced me as a singer with “Want You Back”. There is a slow, romantic song called “Fallin For You” that mixes R&B vocals and music with ballad styles and some Classical vocal techniques. I also experimented with combining a darker Dance/Electronic style with some edgy, rock vocals to show the world of nightclubs and bars in “Shot in the Dark” and “Locket”. A typical love song, but the true addiction of love and its impact is portrayed in “You Sold Me”. What do people feel all the time, but think they are the only ones who feel it? I tried to answer all of these questions in 5 solid songs.” Each of these tracks are written, arranged and performed by Trishna herself.

Trishna has performed, studied and written music all of her life. Born and raised in New Jersey, she is fluent in speaking in English, Spanish, Hindi and Tulu as well as singing in those languages, including Italian, German, and Irish. She already has two music videos, an album, and a movie under her belt, and performed in New York, PA, and all over the West and Mid-West.

She is not only going to take the country, but the world by storm on a massive scale with her music, and she’s not keeping quiet about it. Rise is surely going to leave a thumbprint and etch Trishna into the world of noteworthy and bold artistry.

To learn more about this up and coming artist you can follow her at her official website at www.trishnaamin.com

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Track Listing:
2.You Sold Me
3.Fallin for You
4.Shot in the Dark
5.Want You Back

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